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Re: Good set of Irons for mid-handicapper

i really like my cobra ss oversized irons very forgiving easy to get the ball in the air
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Re: Good set of Irons for mid-handicapper

A lot of people have mentioned the Ping G series but I am a high handicapper and just got a set of used I5's and I don't find them hard to hit at all. I really like them, look and feel, over the G15's that I tried. My old irons were ~20 yr old ping eye2 copies and, after an adjustment period, I definitely hit the I5's a lot better than I was hitting my old irons. If you're trying clubs, maybe give the I series a try as well.
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Re: Good set of Irons for mid-handicapper

Since i'm purchasing my first set of blades, i decided to go w/ a used set of MP-33s ($130 shipped on eBay, not too shabby)

Just took it to the shop and got the lies adjusted to fit my swing and this club feels smoooooth.

Anyhow, thanks for all the great tips, i feel i will stick w/ the mizuno family of irons for years to come.
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Re: Good set of Irons for mid-handicapper

Recently I got a set of taylormade burner 2.0's and those things are really forgiving. I've hit shots right off the end of the toe and the ball still went straight and only about 10 yards short. That said, I'm hardly an iron connoisseur but I did get two hole in one's this season. haha
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Re: Good set of Irons for mid-handicapper

Mizuno Mp 53 and go get fitted. It's a must.
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Re: Good set of Irons for mid-handicapper

I bought a set of Malbty MTF's over a year ago. I seriously doubt I will ever play anything other than Maltby forged irons. The TE version replaced the MTF's earlier this year due to the change in grooves.

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Re: Good set of Irons for mid-handicapper

Great post...I feel like I'm in about the same boat as Hacker23. I'm a 10.8 index and at a crossroads between being mid handicapper and taking it to the next level. I play 1-2 rounds a week in winter and 3-4 rounds a week in summer. Our club has fairly small greens and I only hit about 5 GIR a round, so I really feel like I need to work hard on my iron game to take my game to the next level (yeah, I know short game is king, and I've already worked pretty hard on that). I've been playing Callaway X18 Pro series, dynamic gold S300 +1/2" for about the last 5 years. I never considered forged clubs until I've recently heard that they are much more forgiving than they were 20 years ago when I decided that I was a game improvement club player for life. I can work my X18's okay if I'm trying to hit a draw/hook, but have been terribly disappointed in the times I've hit it dead straight when I know I made a good fade swing. I've learned more about this game in the last 3 years than I did in my first 30 playing this game, and I want to be able to get more feel and be able to work the ball better than my current irons.

I went to the local golf shop today and got fitted. They were having technical difficulties with the shaft optimizer, so I'll need to go back and do that again. However, I was pleased that this fitting identified me as needing standard length vs. +1/2". This opens up a few more options for good deals on the internet. The last time I was fit it was done by measuring only. This guy paid more attention to where on the club face I was hitting the ball with standard vs. +1/2" shaft length.

I brought home a Mizuno MP-63 6 iron demo. Their demo MP-53 was unavailable today, so I may need to try it later. I hit both in the store, and didn't feel much difference, though I really like the look of the 63 better. I also brought home a demo 6-iron Callaway X Forged - like the way it looks and hit well in store, though my gut feel is the quality of these clubs does not compare with Mizuno's (though the key is how I hit 'em).

I am strongly considering a combo set of MP-53 long irons (4,5,6) and MP-63 short irons (7,8,9,PW).

I would appreciate any feedback that any of you have. Can't wait to get out this weekend and do some side by side comparison. Any concerns with combo sets from a resale standpoint? Budget wise, I'd like to stay below $6-700, but primarily just want good value for whatever money I do spend.

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Re: Good set of Irons for mid-handicapper

I just picked up a set of Titleist 710 AP 1 irons. They feel so sweet, almost like a forged club feel. I get a
nice high ball flight with the stock Nippon shafts. I've gained distance too over my old set of callaway x 22 irons. I highly
recommend the titleist AP series.
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Both Pings and Mizuno's are great. Mizuno's are the best iron made. In my opinion. You cant go wrong with either. Don't get a cavity back set for high handicappers you cant control mid irons like you can with a better set.

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Originally Posted by hacker23 View Post

Quest for irons update:

I just tried the MP-58 and MP-68 (those are the only 2 MPs they had there unless i didn't look hard enough).

Anyhow, I'm totally in love with the MP-68, It was smooooth! but the price tag on that puppy is $$$$.

I just got myself a set of MP 68's and my handicap is 11. I absolutely love them. There will be some guys on here that will try to steer you away from blades but it is ultimately your choice. I was a little nervous when making the purchase but I can hit them just as good or even better than my previous GI irons. Mishits are punished but not as severely as you think. They stay straight but at a loss of distance of course. When hit pure, there isn't a better feeling in golf!!!


If you decide to pull the trigger on the 68's, get some practice time in at the range before you hit the course. They are a bit of an adjustment but well worth it. Happy iron hunting.

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Originally Posted by hacker23 View Post
ok, i'm scratching my eBay option since i've been doing alot of research on fakes and surely enough, there's alot on eBay.

wrxJunkie: where can i find a new, legitimate, set for $5-600?

Try 3ballsgolf.com. There are actually a couple sets of MP 68's, MP 32's, MP 59's and MP 69's in there inventory right now as we speak. That's where I got mine and I ended up winning the bid at $170.00!!!! That's a killer deal for used, great condition MP 68's. Check it out.











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