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I went out to the club yesterday for lunch. There were about 6 total playing. Temps around 45 but with a good breeze. That is a deal buster for me. I need 50 degrees with no wind. 

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Yes Pine Ridge is in Coram. They have the best deals on green fees throughout the season. Peak season twilight starts at 2 and it's only $35 with cart. Off-peak twilight starts at 1 and right now you can purchase noon tee times for $22 on golfnow.com. I definitely can bare mid 30's and above as long as the winds are sustainable. If I do chip in with a friend for one of those cart covers, I think I'd be able to weather a decent amount of wind.

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Is Pine Ridge in Coram? I played today at Heatherwood. $19 for 18 walker. It was a nice day on the course today. No wool cap or winter golf gloves. Cold weather layering still needed.

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Hey MSDOGS1976 - is that a black labby I spy in your dp?

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Awesome wrx_ will have to check it out. I like the fact that the fees have gone down, $19 any time any day for walking 18 at Heatherwood. Check it out. Maybe I will see ya on the Coram course when your ankle is better.

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Hey MSDOGS1976 - is that a black labby I spy in your dp?

Yep, my good buddy. I need to teach him to retrieve golf balls from the lake instead of bird dummies. ;)


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I dont know how you guys up north do it.....


I am soooooo sick of this cold weather already. I know, I know, 45* is nothing, but it just sucked today at the range. It was overcast so I couldnt see the ball flying anywhere past 180 until it hit the ground. I left in a terrible mood because my swing has been less than satisfactory as of late. I want the warm weather to come back so Im not 10-15 yards shorter on every iron and my driver will get to its usual distance.


One of my biggest problems with the cold is keeping my hands warm. It doenst feel nice when I mishit a ball, but to do it with numb hands is borderline painful.

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I hate the winter, going to attempt to play tomorrow if the winds aren't too bad. Will be heading to Myrtle Beach to see my pops and brothers. Oh yeah and to golf as many times as I can during my stay. Don't really know what to expect. Any tips and good courses for a beginner to try?

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I played Sunday here and it was 38-40* with about a 10 mph breeze. 

I was 2 over for 7 holes and then proceeded to blow up. I had four 3 putts for the round and an OB, jacked an 8 over the green on easy hole. I've never been over that green!!

By about the 12th, I couldn't get a good rotation and my rt hamstring was so tight, I was useless.

Under 40 is too cold for me now. 

I can say I've played in just about every cold playable condition possible, from frozen fairways to 40* and pouring with 15 + mph winds.

It's just not fun in those conditions.

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It's too cold for me when I can't keep my hands warm without putting them in my pockets.  Golf stops being fun when it ends up being more about staying warm between shots than about playing the shots themselves.


Guess I'm getting old.  I used to be able to play in the coldest of weather.  Frozen water hazard lucky break shots are officially out of my repertoire. 

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40 degrees is my cut off. Wind is a factor, but I've practiced in some pretty bad stuff. 

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As long as the course is open, I'll be there.  However, we just got a foot of snow Sunday so I'm pretty sure I played my last round of 2010 last Thursday (did birdie the last hole though - finished on a good note).

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We are pretty spoiled here in the SW deserts.   But the next few days are supposed to be hard freezes with hight in the low 50 to high 40s.  So I think I'm about to learn just how cold is too cold.  What few times I have ever played in temps this low I found the ball to be awful hard when mis-hit and it doesn't go very far either.

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Would kill for low 50's to mid 40's. Snow and wind with a boat load of snow here in NY. Miserable.

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If it was sunny w/ no wind I could probably play to about 30 but i would need two flasks.


I played in a pretty solid rain that I kept thinking would let up yesterday for about 3 hours in the low 40's.  The rain was the problem.  I ordered an umbrella for my pushcart when I got home.

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39, 44, 46. What are those? The temps here in NY for the next few days. What are the odds the boat load of snow we got is off the course by Saturday? Would love to get out to play a round of 18. Keeping my fingers crossed maybe a drive by the course I play is in order.

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40 and sunny is not uncomfortable at all. 30 and windy is kind of harsh, but if it's not raining a lot, or frozen on the course, it's all good to play up here. I play with a group of 12~15 on Tuesdays (depending on how many show up on that day) and we go out in foursomes to play. As long as there's not snow people come out to play. 

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Sunny and 50 today in NY. No golf because of the useless snow Still on the course. What a waste of a beautiful day. 

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I play in below freezing if the the course is open. Around here we have about dozen days below freezing each winter about 2 or 3 dozen nights. This of courses freezes the fairways so they are rock hard and you can hit drives that carry 200 yards and run out to 300. It really changes the game as your approach needs to land 30 or even 40 yards short of the green and then bounce up, but if you hit the rough, though the ground is frozen you loose all the roll and allot of the bounce. It allot of fun to play in these conditions.


The downside is when the ground is frozen we are not aloud on the greens and play to very small temp greens cut into the fairway. But hey at least we can get out and play.

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