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Sorry, 'wore' = 'wire' but this forum won't let me edit it for some reason... here it is without typos:


Hi I've got the same problem and the solution:
In the longest/biggest pocket, there's an access pocket at the bottom to the base so you can fiddle inside( probably designed for when you drop something inside). Use a torch and look at the horse-shoe shaped wire that inserts into two small sleeves on either side to internally support the base, pockets and structure of the bag, this structural wire is opposite the hole where the leg wires exit the base of the bag. You see: when you shove a club down into the bag, some grips/ club butts disconnect that horse shoe shaped structural wire. That in-turn slackens the base and the legs do not re-tract correctly. That stupid horse shoe shaped structural wire comes out of the sewn-in internal sleeves too easily, in fact, I bet most on this forum will find the wire has torn through the sleeves or worse, put holes internally in the bag. The wire can also damage your grips if you've got soft winn wraps...


As for the dude twisting the leg wires, all your doing is increasing tension by twisting the sewn in strap at the base of the bag and you don't want to tear out that strap by the seems. There should be a 1/2 twist in the leg wires due to the wires hooking in from the outside-in on the legs and the plastic piece mounted half way up the wires should read with the PING logo facing outwards(to the ground) not inwards(to the bag).

All in all, a very weak design by Ping. Also, as someone who owns a faded original 1997 hoofer with love, my C-1 is an embarrassment to ping. It looks sweet but it's just another piece of rubbish made in the East. I now doubt Ping as a brand but always thought it to be the most technically sound brand of them all. I wish Wishon golf would invest in some awesome bags but I guess sun-mountain and a few others are now the best as Ping hoofers used to be for our age group when we were juniors.

Let me know if you understood my post, I'm sure it'll all make sense once you've had a look inside with a torch or in good light. By the way, that wire will keep coming out when you snag it with a club, happy C-1-ing!!! Thanks PING! :-/

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I have 2 older Hoofers, one I've used for the last 15 years. I've never had a problem with either other than drastic color fading on the first. Nothing is crossed with the legs/supports on either one. Has something changed recently with their design? Could it be the whole made in China so quality stinks thing?
I recently bought the 2014 PING Hoofer and the legs are great! No issues with quality. I had the Ping Latitude bag from a few years ago and the legs did hang down a bit when carrying. I gave PING bags another chance and I don't regret my new purchase, although it was a little expensive at $230 cdn.
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I never had a problem with the legs, but I did have a problem with the grips getting hung up un the bottom of the dividers. I got tired of fighting with my bag to get my clubs out, and I switched to a Sun Mountain 3.5. I really liked the Hoofer, and would not hesitate to get another if they make the dividers longer. Also, I liked the old color choices. I liked the solid navy or green.
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