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The Official Ben's Asian Tour Q School Blog

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Thailand is HOT, and HUMID!

Holy cow it is insane when the sun is beating down. But, luckily today there was a slight breeze and some cloud cover. When the sun disappeared, it was actually quite nice outside. Went through about six bottles of water though. Thankfully provided by The Asian Tour.

Played my first practice round today at Majestic Creek Golf Club. An extremely fun course to play I must say, however, the greens are pretty laughable. Tremendously slow and don't roll very true. The only thing they got going for them, is that everyone has to play them. Wasn't really keeping score, but would say I probably kicked it around at 5 over today. Had a blast playing though. Was relaxed and calm all day. Just had a bit of trouble adapting to the heat. I was really uncomfortable for the first six holes or so. Once I put the non-stop sweating out of my mind, I played with the laid-back approach which I like to with this game. Didn't really concentrate on putting either. Just a getting the lay-of-the-land type of day. Tomorrow I'll hunker down and put a tad more effort into the round.

You should see the place where I'm staying. Springfield Beach Resort in Cha-am. I'm on the 16th floor and overlook the ocean. At night I fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Walk downstairs, passed the pool and across the street and I'm on the beach. Pretty damned bitchin'!

Here's the link to my photobucket account, I'll be adding pics daily.
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Good luck to you Ben!
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Hey Ben,

Just wanted to post to let you know we are watching your blog and we are rooting for you to play great!!

Keep drinking water...and stay cool in those fairways!!
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awesome to hear things are going well so far. I'm sure I speak for everyone when i say we wish you the best and good luck! glad you started this blog, can't wait to hear more.
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Good luck Ben. Thanks for the updates.
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all the best Ben.... nice start BTW. Cant imagine what the nerves were like
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sitting tied 22nd after day three. Top 23 plus ties go on to the next stage.... you're soooo my hero lol keep it up!!!
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