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Does doing 30 pushups a day impact your upper body strength a lot? - Page 2

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Gotta agree, push-ups are great because the simple exercise you do (since you can do it on your floor in front of the TV without making a big fuss) is better than the elaborate training regimen you don't get around to doing.


I would say to directly answer the OP, it probably won't impact your upper body strength "a lot" in an absolute sense, although if you find doing 30 push-ups to be difficult now, then it might make a big difference for you.  I'd expect that after a couple weeks, 30 push-ups is going to seem like a warm-up.  It's small enough that you're not going to hurt yourself doing it every day.  Nothing wrong with that.


I'd also suggest, while you're at it, adding a similar number of crunches to the daily workout.  Depending on your fitness level, you should be able to reach a point where you can do push-ups and crunches at that level in 15 minutes or so.  For both push-ups and crunches, you should either read around or, better, talk to someone who's experienced just to get the technique right.  They're both easy, but like was said above, many people use poor form that can be hard on your back.

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Originally Posted by CassinoNorth View Post

Do the 100 pushup challenge if anything



this is probably the best idea for "push ups"


But as others have stated. Forearms, Lats, Legs and Core are probably 100x more important.

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Do some pushups or whatever.  If my workouts only consisted of 30 pushups a day, man, what an easy life.  I could have done twice that many in the time it took me to write this.  It's not going to build swing speed, but it will help your arms hang in balance for your back workouts.  You need the front side of your body to be strong if the back side is strong.  The back side is used more in the golf swing.

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If you want to work out, do the entire body.

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Push-ups are great at building the muscles of your chest, arms, front deltoids and back. And to some extent the abs.


Different variations of the classic push-up can place more of a focus on certain muscle groups. Performing push-ups with your hands closer together places more emphasis on your triceps. Performing push-ups with your feet elevated on a bench will place more emphasis on your core muscles for stabilization.

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Quite possibly the easiest and best single exercise you can do.  There is a reason athletes, military, and law enforcement have been doing them forever.  I suggest three sets each time you work out.  Start at 10, move to 12 a week later, etc, etc.  I do three sets of 35 each day.  Pretty week, considering I used to pump out 100 in two minutes with minimal effort.  But at 36, I'm getting old and lazy.

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There great because if you maintain your form your basically doing a plank as well, so your working out your core to.

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What I haven't read about yet is doing one-armed swings with your left arm only (a Johnny Miller thing), assuming you're right handed. One respondent mentioned front-back balance, but right-left balance is important, too.


Gary Player mentioned on a Golf Channel Academy show a few years ago that forearms, abs, and legs are the most important muscles for a golfer. 

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Core is important, Quads, Hamstrings, Gluts, Lower Back, Abs, and Lats are all bit players in the golf swing. Forearms are good because they help in grip pressure and ability to get through heavy rough.

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Single legged squats are great along with lunges.

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