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My favorite course in San Antonio is definitely the Palmer at La Cantera. It's the sister course of the La Cantera Course where the Texas Open was played until the TPC course opened.



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Here's a picture I snapped today walking off the green of the #2 handicap hole on my home course, Scothurst Golf Club in Lumber Bridge, NC.  This is just to the left of the green, so you're basically looking back from your approach shot.  The tee box is way over to the right, it's a 90* dogleg left guarded on the left by a creek and trees with the left side of the fairway sloping towards the creek.  So if you want to try to cut the corner and make the approach shot shorter, you're taking a lot of risk with it.  A safe layup with a 5 wood or 3 wood to the top of the hill, and you've got a 190 yard shot to an elevated green over water.  It's a hole that relies on a properly placed drive and an even better 2nd shot.



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U guys are worse then women, posting professionally Photoshoped and copyrighted photos..
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Hanalei, what is your thing against women?  Is someone stealing your photos?  And didn't you know that everyone uses Photoshop all the time?  Time 4 u 2 get real.  

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One of these days I want to make it to an ocean side course. Only on tv for me so far for that...

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Originally Posted by cart7 View Post

I'll be Playing at Sugar Creek Country Club in High Ridge, MO>

Got gifted a membership



I just played this course a couple weekends ago and it was COLD and a little rainy but not too bad. Has some pretty unique holes. I was on the 11th hole about to chip onto the green when a 8pt buck came running straight at me. Im not a hunter so that was as close as ive ever been to a deer and when it was staring me in the eyes heading straight at me i froze... almost had to throw my *60 at it. z2_scared.gif

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I stick with http://www.pumpkinridge.com/ in Portland, OR

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My home course in Foxfire Village, North Carolina



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I play a number of courses in my area.  This is the one that I tend play the most often....




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Very proud to see a thread I stated 4.5 years ago still rockin.
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