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Orange Whip Traing aid

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Habve you golfers tried the Whip. I know the Oaklahoma state coach is having histeam use it, Must be something in that stick! 

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I've seen a few people at the range I go to use it but I haven't yet myself... would like to find out more about it though.

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I've seen some ads for it, but I haven't tried it. If it can help me shoot straight, I'm all for it!  Please let us know anyone that uses it if it works!

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it's on my list of 'to-buys'...guy at the range had one a few weeks ago. took a few swings and it was quite a unique feeling. i've always had an issue with creating lag and a few swings with this puts emphasis to it, as long as you keep good posture/spine angle.

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My golf instructor uses one for himself. Keeps telling me to go get one, but ive been procrastinating and thinking about getting the tour striker...

He hasn't done me wrong yet, so I should probably listen to him and go get one.

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Looks interesting, but i don't know if it's worth 100 bucks.

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One could probably make something very similar with a few simple items at home or found at some big store of random stuff. The Orange Whip is similar to the PBS in that it is designed to help sustaining the wedges through the swing and hit down on the ball.
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I believe the Orange Whippy is sort of a take off on the Whippy Tempomaster. I've always favored the Whippy - you can actually hit balls with it. I've got a driver, iron, and wedge. Great for grooming tempo and keeping lag.

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  Price is my issue too.  If it was $50-75, I would already have one.  I'll probably end up with one anyway, but $100 for a relatively simplistic training aid seems stiff.

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I have one.  I love it.  It IS worth the $100 if you actually use it for training and not just a way to loosen up before a round.  I would be surprised if anyone could create something on their own with stuff lying around the house.  I have a the Speed Stik that Vijay endorsed for the longest time and the orange whip is hands down a better swing aid.  It'll help everyone from a beginner to a scratch golfer.

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Hey gopherNut thanks for the info. I had the opportunity to swing one the other day. Felt good. Where does the whip help you the most. The physical traning or the tempo part. Does it actuallly help with the basic swing? 

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