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Golf Channel Morning Drive

Poll Results: How do you feel about Morning Drive?

  • 43% (39)
    Love It
  • 21% (19)
    Hate It
  • 35% (32)
    Don't/Won't Watch
90 Total Votes  
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Gave @ a chance. Couldn't stand it. Deleted my season pass earlier today. Morning shows not supposed to put you back to sleep!


Has anyone else watched? What do you think? My sentiments are pretty much summed up above.

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Homeless man's Mike and Mike.



They're so awful...I give them half a season before they're gone.

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Doesn't help their cause that they come on at 4am on the west coast...

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The golf channel has really gone downhill from about 10 years ago maybe less.What really pisses me off is when they play regular movies on the channel (what the hell is this all bout anyways) like shows that dont even pertain to golf at all . I pay to watch golf and thats what I should be getting not all this other BS,I may cancel soon.

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Originally Posted by CassinoNorth View Post

Homeless man's Mike and Mike.



Agreed. Mike and Mike are my go-to morning sports show, and the Mikes' fill in having his own show won't change that. 

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When I get up, there is usually only 10 minutes left of the show. Haven't seen it enough to form an opinion. 

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I have watched it a few times so far, it is really boring. I can't see it lasting but TGC programming sucks these days so it may survive longer than it should.

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At first I said, well, any kind of programming has to be better than infomercials and Golf Central re-runs. 


Then I heard Erik Kuselias was doing the show.


Bring back the informercials and Golf Central re-runs, please.

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Yes, it is horrible.

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I really do not get the golf channel.  Golf  has sooo many aspects to it ---> courses in north america and around the world, instruction, the "tours," PGA professionals trying to "make it," equipment, the state of the game and the economy, the business of golf brand manufactureres, the history of those manufactueres, the history of old players and their stories.....etc etc etc etc etc.


How can a channel like golf channel lack programming when the game golf has all of these wonderful stories that can be told?


A 60 minutes or discovery channel "type" of story telling would be an amazing format / production for the golf channel.

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75% of my t.v. viewing is the Golf Channel.  That is if I can find stuff to watch on there 75% of the time.  The new morning show,  it's just OK to me. The 2 guys are pretty annoying and if they are going to get off of the subject of golf, I would rather switch to ESPN.


What bothers me with the GC is the re-runs of Hank Haney and Charles Barkley and Big Breaks from years ago and just the junk they put on.  Play re-runs of CBS Wide World of Golf, Masters re-runs, come up with new programming. Anything!  I thought the little sgment they did on Golf Central with the Hooters guys yeserday was great.  I'll take that stuff all day long. Too much in the world of golf to have such bad programming.

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Part of the problem is that they seem to be competing against mike and mike, talking about other topics besides golf.  If I want to watch a show about other sports i'll watch mike and mike.   I remember listening to espn radio a while back and hearing  Erik Kuselias  mention he was going to get his own show on the golf channel, early in the morning.   He''ll be back to espn before the end of the summer but at least give the guy credit for trying.   The show isnt that bad, its just a horrible time slot, it wont last.  I guess if Lauren Thompson can have her own show(though she's nice to look at) i guess they can give anyone a shot.   Showing replay after replay of golf central isnt exactly great television either, though espn does it with sportscenter all morning and people probably still watch it.  

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I'm not sure what demand Morning Drive is attempting to address. As a wise man once said...

"It's an ingenious solution to a problem that should never have existed in the first place!" -- James May
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I can't stand them at all.


A) Stick to golf. I don't like football basketball or baseball OR FRIGGIN gossip so stop. I LOVE Hockey but I wouldn't want to see it on this show anyway.


B) The hosts are unbearable to watch. They don't even understand what the other is talking about half the time. I tried to watch their "coverage" of the Camillo thing end neither one of them could communicate effectively with the other. It's like watching a bad MTV reality show. GET IT OFF.


C) I've been pissed off at TGC for ever. And I dont even think I pay for it. How could they not have cool stuff to do? And yeah, the non-golf movies make no sense. I know there's only like 5 golf movies counting both addyshacks so I'm not expecting much so maybe... I dunno. Dont try? Leave movies to everyone else. Though I would rather see Tin Cup than another v-harness infomercial. No hate for the tour striker infomercial. That chick Terra Posthumus has the sickest butt ever.

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Originally Posted by Joeyvee View Post  
That chick Terra Posthumus has the sickest butt ever.

Word up! She comes on screen juuuuuust as I'm losing interest and bam! I'm watching tour striker commercial.

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This guy souls alright. He used word up and he knows a sick ass when he sees one. If youre ever in Hawaii chief lemme know. We'll get you a round at a resident rate

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golf channel blows........quit watching it years ago......Saw it the other day while 'flipping' and see they STILL have all those same loser hosts on there... B O R I N G

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I've watched it off and on since it started, usually when "Morning Joe" is in commercial.  I'd say to give it a little while to find the right mix of sports commentary versus golf info.  Clearly, they aren't there yet, but maybe it will improve.  Annika will be there every Thursday, which may add a little something.  So far, it does get boring when the two hosts ramble on and on, seeming to try to find enough words to fill two hours of air time.  If they could get more guests (interesting guests) it would be much better.  Get some call-ins from viewers or from tour players or caddies or tour officials.  Make it something different than just two guys.


But at least now I tune in every so often, which I never did when they were showing infomercials at 7:00 am.

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