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Originally Posted by cipher View Post

Great stuff Jim, I think it looks great.  This seems to be a very hard one for many to get and to my eyes you are getting better and better with it as well.   Keep at it!   Not bad for a guy who has the time to practice in year round great weather...:-P;-) 


Thanks Nathan, it looks like you are getting there as well...in spite of your weather conditions. Being from NJ originally I feel your pain.


Practice rounds for our golf league starts next week. Looking forward to getting out there. It has been a crappy winter down here too...relatively speaking of course.  :-D

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This is the first official week of our company golf league. I got to go out on Monday and play 9 holes. I was very pleased with the score since I haven't been able to play or practice much due to some back issues that have flared up.



The course is still dormant and the greens are rock hard and fast. I was implementing the "Stop aiming at the Flag" scenario. Which I don't go flag hunting that often anyway and more than half the pins were in the middle of the greens.


But a couple of specific examples were on #2 the pin was on the right side I aimed at the center hit a little "push" (ball below my feet) and it landed 3 feet from the hole and rolled out to 20ft and I made the putt. #6 pin was tucked back left and I aimed center and hit a little draw to 18ft just below the hole. Hit the putt over the left edge.


As far as the swing goes, I was just thinking about transferring my weight to my front foot with some "speed". Which I have really never thought of before Erik had suggested it in that drill. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how crisp my iron shots were especially for not being able to practice the last couple of weeks. 


All in all it was a good start. Just have to get this back in order so I can start practicing more. :pound:

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Some video updates of a few practice sessions I've had recently.


On a side note, the jumping move I had been working on previously is out for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately when I try to do this move my back says no you don’t. I have changed my workout routine to include more core exercises which has helped a ton with everything except this move. :-(


First pictures are from Sunday working on keeping the right  F&*^%$#@ elbow closer to my rib cage on the backswing. I have been working on this for about a month now after seeing one of @mvmac’s videos about the right elbow internally rotating on the backswing (for me). Never heard it described like that before. Thanks Mike.


Anyway it has been working well and I have been playing pretty decent lately so I think I have it right? So I take video on Sunday and well…the pictures don’t lie.

7i practice swing


7i real swing...blah.




Driver same deal. :mad:


After seeing this and being extremely PO’d once again I went back to working with the Impact Ball (which I will be using for the rest of my golfing life apparently).


Here are a few videos of my practice session last night into my net…


These are what feels like 50% speed to me.

More better.


Driver. Getting a little closer.



After more practice and video reviews I tried to feel like I was making 1/2 to 3/4 swings. By far the best I've done on my own without any device (towel, Impact Ball).


The internal rotation of the right elbow has been a great key for me. It feels like I am literally pointing my right elbow at the ball going back.

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Adding a very short Vlog, if you want to even call it that, from our golf league tonight. One tee shot, one approach shot. Just wanting to check the elbow.



17th hole Par 4 384yds.



Second shot from 121yds GW. Couldn't film anymore as there were threatening skies closing in fast. 


Ended up shooting even on the back tonight. My lowest score on this nine all year. 7 fairways/6 GIR.


The 3/4 backswing was my swing key thought for the night.

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