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My suggestion is this...


Wait a few months until the price drops a $100 or so and in the mean time tell a couple of golf stores in the area to be looking for what it is you want.  There are always the guys out there who will drop $2000 in a heartbeat for a new set and then trade them in 2 weeks.  I play the '08 AP2 4-PW, great clubs...I bet you could get the '10 AP2 for less than $500 on ebay or used at your local golf shop.  New clubs are great but way too expensive, buy used and swing away! 


PS, my 3w is 6 years old and I wouldn't change it for anything. 

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I replaced everything last year as I felt the same, did it make me a better golfer? hell no!! did it make me happy! hell yeah!!!


I would try them before you buy anything and see if you can get some demos and play with them before hand though.


Only thing I didnt replace was my r7 CGB Max Driver as I loved it, I nearly bought the Supertri for £329 but something told me not to, now they are at £175 at my local shop as the r11 is out soon, only thing is I really like the look of white drivers, so my dilemma is, the r9 supertri for £175 or the r11 for £300 ish.


o well i will know soon enough.


good luck with your decision.

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If you think that you really need new sets of clubs to make you swings better then go for it. Who knows, the perfect swing you might be looking for might be with the new clubs that you're going to buy.

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