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Hit Down Dammit.

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Has anyone bought the videos and/or dvds? Would like to get some feedback on it. Looks like a pretty good teaching. But the videos are almost 90 bucks so it's kind of a plunge without hearing something about it.

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no one????  ?

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Never even heard of it...

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Yes, I just did my first set of DVD Drills yesterday. 
My background:
-Started Golf mid 20's

-Got down to a 12 handicap early thirties (played 3x week)
-Hit a ball with no divot (when I'm on, very long and high draw)
-Huge overswing, past parallel
- hit off of mats - Caused me to not hit down

-Had kids

-Now play 3x per month. I still try and "scoop" the ball which needs incredible timing, which i don't have anymore b/c lack of playing time
-found Hit Down Dammit through web searches in trying to make a divot

Initial thoughts:

-Buy the dvds on ebay for 1/2 price. There is a lot of duplicated content across the 4 dvds

-making a divot feels weird, but I'm making good contact
-could be a good way for me to shorten my swing (I've been trying for 2 years)
-Take a lot of 1/2 swings and follow the drills
-I do think that 90% of average golfers do not "hit down", they try and scoop.
-My wrist is a little sore, but some ice fixed it right up

Hope that helps.

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I'm new to golf but according to my studies when the ball is on the ground hitting down on the ball, the ball leaving, then taking a divot is the only way to hit a good golf shot. I have a marker next to my ball when I'm on the range and I work to make sure I take my divot past where the ball sat, never before it. You're supposed to swing down at an angle somewhere between 15 and 20 degrees.

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