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Ping K15 vs. Ping G5 driver

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Hey guys I have a G5 driver that is a few years old and I'm looking to get a new one. I hit the G5 great, half the time, the other half it fades to the right a bit. Was wondering if the K15 would be a good upgrade. Any thoughts.

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I went for a driver fitting at the end of last year (took my old G5 with me) and had the opportunity to swing the K15.  I was totally underwhelmed, even more so by the "Straight Flight" marketing... which did absolutely nothing to straighten my ball-flight.


I ended up with a Diablo Edge.  But don't let me put you off; if you fade because of a swing-path issue, the money / time in looking at new drivers is better spent on correcting that swing-path.

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I play a ping k 15 10.5* and really like it.  If you are slicing due to an incorrect swing, you are

better off taking a lesson to correct the slice.  I don't find the k 15 any straighter than any other driver.  I do like the look,sound and feel of the club and that is why I bought it.

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The K15 is horrendous looking at address. Really odd shape. I don't know why they phased out the 'Rapture' line that was super-forgiving and liked by a lot of people.

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I play a Callaway Edge 10* reg flex.  A Ping rep had me on a K15 12* +1.25" stiff flex.  The ball flew further, with a much better launch angle and 10yds total increase in distance.  (I did not buy the club).  My Callway is normally straight and maybe a slight fade that does not hurt at all.  I can work the club left/right when needed but not right/left (draw).  The K15 had a natural draw for me....it was sweet!!

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Why the K15? -- Every review I've seen of the G15 is overwhelmingly positive -- the latest being the GD Hot List (if that matters to you).

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Save some money and get a G10
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Went to compare the G15 and K15 drivers to my G5 yesterday. I found out my club speed is faster with the G5, the distance is better, and I hit it straighter. I'm sure a lot had to do with the fact I'm use to my G5 at set up but I think I'm sticking with the G5 for a wihle. Do drivers lose distance over time due to the amount of balls you hit?

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I just bought the k 15 after getting "fitted" at the the golfer warehouse. Based on a bunch of swings with a K 15 I was given 4 different combinations of the K15 and G15. I was then able to make an informed decision as to which club would be more consistent on the course. As I said in the beginning I bought the K 15 and was hoping that the computer generate choice would work. Well, I just got back from playing my first nine with it and ........YEAH BABY! I went from hitting 33% to 83% of the fairways, the one miss being 5 yards off the fairway. Needless to say this was a small sample, but I am happy. 

thanks to all who posted in a number of threads that also pointed me in th right direction.

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The K15 is heel weighted. Aka straight flight technology = old draw bias technology. If you have a pull slice, this will just make the pull worse. If you have a push fade, fix your takeaway. Any club that promotes a pull makes me a bit nervous.
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This is a little late but did you sell your G5 and if not whar is the shaft and loft?

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I picked up a TaylorMade R1 a couple months ago. Had a fitting with it and it seemed ok. Went to the course and I think maybe I hit 1 fairway with it in 2 rounds. Sold that!!! Started looking around again and came across a K15. The look at address was simple especially compared to the R1. The one I found was of course used cuz they don't make these anymore. Found one on eBay still in the wrapper. The K15 is 3 years old now and I swear I think the vast majority of companies are going in reverse with the technology!! This K15 is sweet. Nice feel and the ball just flies off the face. I hit a G15 that belonged to a buddy of mine some time back and the K15 hands down kills the G15 and for that matter the R1. The only thing I don't like about the K15 is if you really go after one it could just about go anywhere. A nice smooth swing and you will find it in the short grass. 


One more thought....Adjustable clubs are really for the birds IMHO.

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