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Poll Results: The best brand for Irons?

Poll expired: Feb 11, 2011  
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I would if they made one big enough....

Originally Posted by evan01 View Post

Come on guys! Get to the real serious question! Does anyone wear a jock strap when golfing?

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I voted Mizuno as best iron overall but I've got sets of Callaways right now.  Times being what they are, I went with the best deals I could on 2 used iron sets via ebay (will be paring it down to 1 set prior to spring).  After hitting the Callaway X16 Pro Series & the X Tour Forged, I'm fine with where I'm at.  But, if I could pick any set of irons I wanted, regardless of price, I'm pretty sure I'd end up with a set of Mizuno's.  I hit the MX15's before I took my golf "respite" the past 4 years.  Loved those clubs - long, solid, forgiving.  Sold them regrettably.  Anyway....

Alright!   One good feedback....

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It's all subject to the whims of the individual, but of the major OEMs, I like Mizuno and Callaway, with an edge to Mizuno. I seem to gravitate towards Japanese clubs. It's completely subjective. I've played Cleveland, Titleist, Nike, TM, and MIura in the past, in addition to the above (and Epon)


Of the smaller makers, I like Miura and Epon. Miura seems to produce some incredible ballspeed when I've seen guys on an LM.



At the same time, I play Epon 701's. I didn't want to change irons any longer and wanted something forgiving with great ballspeed, a lot of technology, but a club that still looked good to my eye at address.

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My favourite set of irons might not be the best "brand" and the "best brands", in my opinion, aren't everyone's cup of tea.


I've played irons from a few different brands over the years, and have good things to say about each of them. Everyone knows about the big OEMs, but how about some love for old brands still kicking around.


ram.gif- some of the most difficult to hit and challenging yet rewarding blades ever made with their Tour Grindsand Golden Rams. One of the best combo sets (the original combo set IMVHO) in the forged FX. Also some of the worst irons I've ever hit. I wouldn't spend 5 cents on a Ram club newer than ~ 1988. They did make some fantastic persimmon woods, but this is an irons thread.


macgregor.gif - without question some of the best forged irons and persimmon woods ever made. Problem is there were so many versions of Mac clubs over the years that the brand was diluted. For every world class set of irons there was a set of department store signature models that wasn't so good. There were also some really garbagey lines. As a "brand", they failed. And now? Who knows!?!


tommyarmour.gif - what they heck are these now? They were great when MacGregor had the name, but once Burke bought them (eventually changing their name to Tommy Armour - yes this was before you were born) they lost something. Then BLAMMO, they came out with possibly the most amazing lines of irons in history. The 845 and later the 855. It seemed like everyone had a version and anyone who wanted a cavity back had them on their short list. The 845 line still exists (I think) and based on the 845 CM combo set I picked up off ebay (ca. 2004) for < $40, some deals are out there. BTW - anyone who doesn't think of Tommy Armour when they see Cleveland's "Tour Action" script is probably very young or needs an eye exam. BTW - the same script was used in MacGregor's "Tourney" line. Coincidence? Flattery?


topflite.gif - what can I say. A department store brand that made some great products over the years but coud never get past the stigma of their entry level gear. Not worth buying as a vintage gear and not much better in a box set. They make a good ball, but considering people are rumoured to be switching away from Callaway mainly because of the ball, how long will they be putting out good Callaways, let alone Top Flites.



 PS. My favourite irons are from Cleveland (TA1 and TA3) but I don't care for the brand as a whole. I think the best brand of irons is either Titleist or Mizuno, based on the fact they don't dilute the brand, but if I was buying a brand new set of irons, it probably wouldn't be anything in either brand's current lineup.

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LOL, best brand of iron is the one you like the most. Pretty subjective IMO.

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By far the VERY BEST irons are those that you hit very well, are set up for you, and are absolutely FREE!


But, if you have to buy irons Mizunos will put a smile on your face dance.gif

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 Whatever you pay me to play.

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I reckon the Rowenta line is considered the best, pricey though.



But hey, either spend big bucks once or keep replacing cheaper ones every couple of years.

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