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what bag do you rock?

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Just bought this off eBay




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Good looking bag man. I am currently using the Callaway Warbird stand bag. At the end of the upcoming season will be getting a new one that is easier for 14 clubs.

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My new Ogio Grom I'll be putting through it's paces this year:

2010 Ogio Grom

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The more I see that Ogio bag the more I am liking it. At first it seemed like a lot going on but after some other posts and checking sites and in stores it is a sharp looking bag and seems very functional. How is the in and out of the clubs?

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Titleist 14-way Stand Bag



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I like that Titleist bag

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Maxfli Tour Stand Bag.  I shopped around a lot for a new bag last fall, and for the money, this was the best one I found.  I think I paid $99 for it at GG.  I just wish they made more Maxfli stuff, I have always been a fan.

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This Titleist Premium Stand Bag is the current bag...got it this year on a closeout...I also have an all black 9" Titleist Cart Bag and a 10.5" mint condition Tommy Armour embroidered Staff Bag from the old Tommy Armour Tour.  It's mint because it rarely gets the nod...it's a monster.   


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OGIO Kingpin

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Almost bought that bag, I just didn't like where the pockets were located, and how small they were :/  It's like they advertised "we have 13 pockets!" but until you pick it up, you don't realize that all 13 are small enough to hold like 6 balls and were in odd positions not easily reachable while carrying it :P  I DO like the giant enclosed water bottle pocket though, it's really deep and you could put a frozen bottle of water at the bottom and still have room for a powerade or gaterade on top.

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I love the 14 way Divider. It's been a big help for my grips.

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I also have the Titleist Premium Stand Bag. Large enough to fit everything I need but light enough that I can carry it for 18 holes.

It looks great and matches my clubs as well.

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Using a Mizuno Twister, not the lightest stand bag by far but works well for me.

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I rock this same bag, in blue and yellow. I love the 14 way dividers!

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I rock this same bag, in blue and yellow. I love the 14 way dividers!

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I have the same one as well.  Lime Green

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Just received a  2010 Ogio Syncro yesterday so the jury is still out,coming from a Bagboy revolver plus which had a few things I couldn't deal with.

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I play the Callaway ORG 14 bag from 2010.  Love the bag, looks close enough to a staff bag but fits on my clicgear better.  When I am not pushing I use a Sun Mountain 3.5 Grey and yellow.

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