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In the current rotation is the Titleist Premium Stand and the new kid on the block, the Sun Mountain C130 to replace the now retired Titleist Cart/Staff bag. 

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Sun Mountain 2012 Hybrid bag,superior craftsmanship and storage but the footprint isn't the best on carts,can start to twist when pushing and riding. http://www.sunmountain.com/hybrid-black-gunmetal-yam-detail.html

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Got the Wilson Staff Ionix stand bag recently.  Great balance of weight, roomy top, pockets in the right places, and fits in a cart properly (with some stand bags the flap on the bottom is too long and you have to put it in a cart sideways).



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Originally Posted by jmanbooyaa View Post

Good looking bag man. I am currently using the Callaway Warbird stand bag. At the end of the upcoming season will be getting a new one that is easier for 14 clubs.

I have the same bag in White.
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Just picked up a Callaway ORG XT Cart Bag




So far I love it... Has probablly the biggest insulated pocket I have seen on a golf bag. Very well constructed and got a killer deal on it!



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I rock the TMX taylormade r11s bag, mainly because i have the r11s driver and 3 wood

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OGIO Sultan II
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powerbuilt tps

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- looks fantastic in white
- very light bag
- plenty of storage
- comfortable straps

- divider setup is really odd
- no tee or ball storage on the outside of the bag
- has a million useless loops along the middle of the bag that are just that, useless.

Overall I like the bag but wish I did more research on the bag before buying it. I based it mostly on the looks which is a common mistake I made with women.
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Father's Day Gift!

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Anyone have any experience with the titleist carry bag?  I always wanted a small bag and they seem super convenient.  I am normally walking my rounds anyway so i figure a light bag would be ideal.  I couldnt find any reviews online and was just wondering how it fares with 14 clubs. Thanks

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I am using a Nike Extreme Sport bag. It's really nice and is also not heavy.
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I have an Oggio Syncro. I had not purchased bags in quite some time and was very pleased with all the features. I discovered a "hidden pocket" today. An interior zipper (difficult to find) that if unzipped permits access to the inside of the bag i.e. you can feel the support rods and your clubs as well as a nylon webbing that hold the clubs from striking bottom. I had never seen this before and I am assuming it is there to allow access to the inside of the bag should something drop in there. Or maybe I am just out of touch and this is a common thing or has another purpose?

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Originally Posted by Mulligan Jeff View Post

Father's Day Gift!

Very nice!  Looks heavy

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Originally Posted by Hacker James View Post

Very nice!  Looks heavy

Remarkably not heavy but it is definitely a cart bag. Truly a great Father's Day gift!

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I just got my new Callaway XTT Xtreme Stand bag in the mail today.  I think I got a good price for it as I ordered it through my company for $130 (Golfsmith lists it at $169).  The only catch is that the company logo automatically comes on the bag.  I'll be using it for the first time tomorrow morning.  Upon initial inspection, it seems like a good bag.  My old bag had 14 club dividers - this one has 7.  It'll be interesting to see how I like that change.  The other thing that was interesting is that this bag has an elastic/bungee type of string attached to the bag for your towel.  I guess you tuck one end of the towell under the string to hold it there.  My golf towel is standard sized, but the string is only 4 inches or so wide.  I had to fold my towel in half twice in order to get it under the string.  I found that strange.


I'm replacing a TourTek stand bag.  After using the TourTek for just 1 1/2 years, I now believe the saying, "you get what you pay for," very much applies to golf bags.  The cloth that lines the 14 club dividers is in shambles and the straps have mutliple tears in them and look like they could break at any time.  I'm hoping the Calloway bag holds up a little better...

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