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Just got a new 2013 Cobra Amp cart bag
Silver / White.
My daughter got it for my birthday.
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Originally Posted by MyrtleBeachGolf View Post

This one!
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My new custom built James Stewart bag arrived some time ago.  Time to put it into play soon.

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Originally Posted by boil3rmak3r View Post

I just got my new Callaway XTT Xtreme Stand bag in the mail today.  I think I got a good price for it as I ordered it through my company for $130 (Golfsmith lists it at $169).  The only catch is that the company logo automatically comes on the bag.  I'll be using it for the first time tomorrow morning.  Upon initial inspection, it seems like a good bag.  My old bag had 14 club dividers - this one has 7.  It'll be interesting to see how I like that change.  The other thing that was interesting is that this bag has an elastic/bungee type of string attached to the bag for your towel.  I guess you tuck one end of the towell under the string to hold it there.  My golf towel is standard sized, but the string is only 4 inches or so wide.  I had to fold my towel in half twice in order to get it under the string.  I found that strange.

I'm replacing a TourTek stand bag.  After using the TourTek for just 1 1/2 years, I now believe the saying, "you get what you pay for," very much applies to golf bags.  The cloth that lines the 14 club dividers is in shambles and the straps have mutliple tears in them and look like they could break at any time.  I'm hoping the Calloway bag holds up a little better...

FWIW - I thought I would post my opinion of my new bag now that I've used it 4 rounds...

It seems really solid. The legs are solid and seem like they'll hold up long-term. I actually am now a fan of NOT having 14 separate club dividers. With those, my club heads clanged around noisily while walking. With 7 dividers, my clubs in this bag are much more quite while I'm walking.

The two things that I am disappointed about... First, the external water bottle holder is small. My 20 oz Power Ade bottle I use for my water falls out because it's too big. I have to put it inside one of the pockets. The other thing is that the scorecard pocket is just slightly bigger than a business card. I have to fold a scorecard in quarters just to get it inside. Very poor design for the purpose...

All-in-all, I still like it. Let's see if it holds up.
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How about adding actual photos of your golf bags? A few have done this already. No clubs just the empty bag and with a top view. Good idea or pointless?

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Well I've been rockin the Bag Boy Revolvers...They are cart bags. I also own but don't use a Cleveland staff bag, a Mizuno, Wilson cart bags, two callaway stand bags & a Knight(use when I am there) stand bag back in VA. I like the Bag Boy Revolvers better than the other 20 some odd bags I've owned.. I got the Revolver LE this year which is shorter and more compact than my 2011 Revolver Pro.(only holds 5 beers) I hate advertising and these bags do it for me. They do the job for me 24/7 rain & shine,  and I have never in three years(50 rounds with the Pro, 20 rounds with the LE) had a problem. Unless a big name brand  manufacturer gives me a bag and some cash...I'm using the Bag Boys, Ogio's, PJ's,dateks, etc...and just stay with the people who make golf bags right.

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I have a Ping Hoofer that I was able to order with the golf team at the university I work for. Kinda cool because we aren't a "big name" school, but our logo is all over a pretty legit bag. I walk a ton when I play, so that bag is ideal for me.
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Black Callaway Org. 14 Xtreme Cart Bag. Love it!


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Taylormade Juggernaut cart bag in black, red and white.........does everything I need it to do!

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I picked up this Sun Mountain Four 5 a few months ago. I absolutely love this bag. 14way club dividers! I'm done fighting to get clubs in and out of the bag.

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i jsut got my clubs and they came with a Callaway hyperlite 4.0 nice bag but before next season ill be upgrading as i already see that i might end up filling this one up pretty quick.

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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post

I picked up this Sun Mountain Four 5 a few months ago. I absolutely love this bag. 14way club dividers! I'm done fighting to get clubs in and out of the bag.

That's the bag I was going back and forth with when I ordered my Oakley bag. I should've gone with yours. 14 way dividers for the win.

I also want a cart/staff bag but am always worried I'd be pegged as a poser hehehe. Can't go wrong with all that club room. It would only be when I ride.
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