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New Driver or Golf GPS

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Ok, second conundrum....should I get a new driver the R9 460 or a GPS like Golf Logix or Skycaddie....what would you do oh SandTrap Brethren

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If you current driver is outdated, misfitted or broken, get the driver.

If there is nothing wrong with your current driver, get a laser rangefinder instead of the golfGPS.


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Oooh! Toughie!


Get the GPS, then get the driver next year when it's cheaper!

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What bcgolf said

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 a way to get both: Android or iPhone? get the app, get the driver grin.gif  dance.gif

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Really depends on the state of your current driver... if it's still good and not giving you problems get the gps, otherwise get the driver.

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That's easy... get the GPS device!

I bought a very basic Bushnell Neo last year.

Knowing or reconfirming the distances was very helpful!

It will help you at least 6 or 7 times a round.

Especially if you learn to add your own layup yardages.

Plus if you travel to other courses it is a absolute godsend!

As for the new driver...

I seriously doubt it would make as much a difference as the GPS.

I found the GPS exciting... makes you feel like you have a caddy.

Great for your confidence as well...

You know you need to hit 183 yds to carry the greenside bunker...

and then you make the perfect shot!

Little mini challenges like that all round long! It is great fun!

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I was in the same boat at the beginning of last year. I went with a laser rangefinder, a Bushnell 1500 and I LOVE IT!!! What a valuable tool to have. I wouldn't say that it has taken a ton of strokes of my game but I would say that my handicap index has benefited from this purchase. My buddies gave me crap the first few rounds we played together after I purchased it, now they are constantly asking me for yardages. 


If you do go with a GPS or rangefinder you can wait till next year and buy the driver you wanted for half of what it is selling for now

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