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Bridgestone e6 and RX's are my top choices. Also play Titleist NXT's from time to time.

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Wilson Px3 Soft

Tried some ProV1 putting and chipping, and the feel of the Px3 is about 200% softer than the Titleist to me...





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i just started using the penta at the end of last season and second go with it i shot 78,so i was pleased with it and the feel is just what im looking for ,it also feels nice with the putter ,not keen on the seam though and i think thats the only downfall this ball has, a seamless penta ball would be the perfect ball imo 

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Bridgestone E6 when my game is crap or I play courses where I tend to lose a lot of balls.

V1x or Penta the rest of the time. Also got a batch of 08 V1 I play with now and then.

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Srixon AD333.   Excellent soft feel for short game.  Very affordable.  

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Still playing Nike PD Long (Red Box).  Good compromise for my mid-80's game.  Fairly good endurance, I have played the same specific ball for 18 holes a couple of times (when the water gods are smiling tongue.png). 

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For those of you who play Bridgestone, how well does the shell hold up to your wedges? Those of you who pinch the ball mainly.

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Played Srixon AD333 for a while.  Got a couple dozen Taylormade TP LDPs on sale so I've been playing those recently.  Both are fine.  Buddy gave me a couple Pentas though and I've been loving those.  Not sure if I can swing the price to play them regularly though...

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Gamer v2, but I just ran out of my supply and I'm now looking around to decide what to get next. I might restock on that (it's a great ball for $20), or I might poke around a little. The Bridgestone e5 has my eye. If I can continue to to a good job not losing as many confounded balls maybe I'll pay the extra $0.50/ball and try the e5.
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Currently playing the Wilson Eco-Core.  The aspect of golf balls with cores that are made from old tires appeals to me instead of just having those tires end up in a landfill. 

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NXT Tour is my current ball. Great soft feel off irons and putter. Good durability and consistent flight for me. I was playing the ProV1 for a bit, but I like a bit more roll out on my chips and the spin was working against me. Better roll out with the NXT Tour.


Also like playing the AD333, e5, Wilson FG Tour, and Penta. I'd like to try the Callaway i(s).



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Im currently playing the Bridgestone B330-RX, and I love it! Its a great premium "all around" ball. I do have a dozen TaylorMade Penta's waiting in my bag though. I bought them a while back after I tried a sleeve of 3 on the course one day and loved them too! I Just cant decide if I want to play a ball "that" soft. I like how it spins around the greens, but its going to spin just as much off my driver too. Hahaha. 

I also like the Srixon Z-Stars.

And when Im playing really bad I bust out the Srixon Tri-speed Tour balls. 

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Still working on a box of Top Flite Eagles I bought last year and a box of Top Flite D2s I bought last year. Have a cpl sleeves each of those. I actually stopped at Target today to see if I could find another box of Eagles but alas all gone. They were on clearance a few weeks about for about $8/box of 24. I should have bought several boxes but I passed. Once I run out will probably pick up a box of Nike Mojo even though I dont especially like the way they feel coming off my putter.


Yes, I play cheap balls. That way I dont feel so bad losing them.

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Callaway Big Bertha Diablos...the red box. They are very fitting for slower swing speeds.
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I like to play with the Taylormade TP Black. I think it feels great and has decent durability. If i manage to not lose them, one ball can last a round or two. Also, since the Penta came out, they are going for like $27 per dozen at most places. Great deal. NXT Tour and NXT Extremes the rest of the time. Great durability and feel great around the greens.

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My top 3:


Bridgestone E6

Titleist NXT

Titleist NXT Tour


Honorable mentions:


Callaway BB Diablo

Nike PD Soft

Prov1 (Although I'm not a fan of urethane covers)

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Here's the short list:


Nike One Tour D - just bought 5 dzn. on ebay for $20 each, a steal for a great ball...and due to be discontinuedbigcry.gif

Taylormade TP Red - only 2 dzn. left, I hate that this ball was discontinued bigcry.gif

Bridgestone B330s - was fit for this ball at their fitting day

Srixon Z Star - good ball but like the Tour D more because it's better off the tee


Looks like I'll be looking for a new ball in short order but did hear that TM may bring back the TP Red.


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NXT tour for me.

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