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If you loose a lot of balls then buying expensive ones doesn't make much sense, try some of the less expensive ones and see if there is one you end up liking more then the others for whatever reason. I have found the lady precepts to work well for me.

During your adventures looking for your wayward balls keep a sharp eye out for lost balls and you are bound to find a slew of expensive balls to add to your inventory. Playing those will give you some free experience playing a premium ball.

I just played 3 rounds at a posh resort course last week and found 27 pro v1. Hahaha ya gotta love rich hackers. ( 170 - 220 yards out on the right is prime hunting zone ) I found 4 pf them in one cactus.
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Bumping an old thread. Any new opinions? I think I read that the D2 is a bit different now. 

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Playing one ball is important for beginners. Pick a ball and stick with it all, or at least most, of the time. You will find that the rollout on the greens, and feel off your putter, are more about your swing than the variance between balls. Being a ball **** makes it hard to get consistent. Although there may not be one "best ball" around and on the greens, ball are very different. A beginner should eliminate variables not add them. Seems many begins think that because their swing is inconsistent, the ball doesn't matter. While that be be true most swings, it is not while putting and within 20 yards of the pin.


If you swing speed is 90MPH or less with your driver, give a long look at the Srixon Soft Feel. Does everything well except spin around the green. But rollout is predictable and it launches nice and high (a desired bonus for most beginners) yet holds its line in the wind pretty well. Does not fit my normal game (too high and too short with a 103 SS) but I play it in cold weather and the lower compression and soft cover make it respond like I'm playing in warmer weather. Feels great off full swings when it is 40* outside and always off my putter. 

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I'll check those out. Hit some of the Noodles around at golfsmith today. Those seem pretty forgiving too. 

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Taylormade Burner....13 bucks a dozen on www.budgetgolf.net Excellent ball....especially for that price point. 

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Wilson 50 is a very soft ball, like a dozen for 12 dollars or so and fairly durable.You'll find all kinds of different balls as you look for your inevitable stray shots.

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I've been playing Wilson Staff Zip, nice ball, soft & long with enough spin. Check Amazon for great price.

Also recommend Noodle +.

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If the" low end" Titleist ball you purchased happened to be the DT SO/LO you already have the very best all around ball for most amateur golfers-especially those with swing speeds 90 MPH and below (aka most of us!).


Golf Digest said in naming the DT SO/LO to its gold medal level equipment review that the best Titleist golf ball for most players, happily, may actually be their least expensive. (around 20 bucks per dozen in white or yellow)


Good Luck

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The Nike Vapors are really awesome.

Anything soft is probably going to be better for you.
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Originally Posted by clutchshot View Post

The Nike Vapors are really awesome.

Anything soft is probably going to be better for you.

Ive been meaning to try the Vapor.  The description of them kind of reminds me of the Bridgestone E7: 3-piece with a hard cover.  Ive been playing the Bridgestone E5 for the past couple years and recently decided to give Nike balls a shot.  I recently bought a sleeve of the One RZN, a dozen of the PD Long and PD Soft.  I may give the Vapors a shot when I need to buy more balls later this season.  I really wanted to buy into the idea of the resin core but it seems like most people arent a big fan, so I see little reason to pay more for the RZNs over the Vapors or PDs.

The other day I was at the local Meijer (think of it as Wal-Mart without the worker exploitation) and they had a pack of 2 dozen Vapors for $40.  Not a bad deal but I wasnt really looking to spend $40 on golf balls.  I went for the dozen PD Softs for $15 instead.

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