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At what point should someone consider going to a premium "tour" ball? I have used the penta, V1, and V1x just see what they were like and realized real quick that I have no business with such a responsive ball until I can get my game off the tee and on the fairway more consistent.

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I know this is an old topic but I'm a little slow sometimes..lol. I am very reluctant to change anything in my golf game when I find something that works. With that said, I have played with the Pro Vx since it was introduced with more than acceptable results. It was only a few months ago that a friend suggested I give the Penta balls a chance. The first time I tried them, I played a Pro Vx and Penta 5 side by side. I noticed almost no differece off the driver but in the mid and long irons, the Penta was noticibly longer. Off the short irons, the Penta offered more of a one hop and stop or maybe spin back to the pitch mark whereas the X almost always spins back past the pitch mark. A lot of this is a result of my swing which puts a lot of spin on irons but the Penta simply spun less. Another area where it shines for example is a 175 yard par 3 that borders water and almost always plays into the wind on a home course. Normally a center pin location here is basically a stock 6 iron for me with the X. The same swing with the Penta always resulted in a 182-185 yard back pin location shot. I also recorded an all time best stableford score using the Penta of 43 points where usually around 36 is normal with the X. After playing with a dozen Pentas over a month and a half, I couldn't find them locally and played with the X last week. I found myself spinning my wedges back off the green again which is a call for adjustment again. The Penta seems to spin less and much more durable for my game. Comparing both balls off of my no insert putter, I still feel like the Pro v feels softer but both are great. My total opinion and review is BOTH are great balls and I wouldn't hesitate playing either. This is saying a lot for me because I'm a Titleist faithful player. My bag is filled with Titleist equipment with the exception of a TM hybrid and Bettinardi putter.
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Like has been said, both are great balls.  I play the Penta because it seems to fit me better.  I have also found that the penta cover holds up better for me over the course of a round.

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I found no difference in the proV1X or the Penta tp5 except around $16.00/doz less for new Pentas ( buy 2 get 1 free) I do agree that the penta has a more durable finish the the proV1X

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I play the Penta 5 practice balls. $19.99 at Golf Galaxy. Same ball for the price of a TopFllte...
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Thanks for the tip on Pentas for 19.99/doz

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There's a very interesting interview with Dean Snell, Director of R&D at TM, on the Penta TP3 and 5 and the rbz ball on the hackers paradise site.  Its from early 2012 when the balls came out and he talks about the 3 balls, how they came into being, the market they are targeting with each and alot on just what these companies work on in developing new golfballs (the most interesting part).


Very much worth listening to.  Not all golfballs are created equal and, after listening to the interview, you might have one more clue as to why one ball fits you're game better than another.

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I switched to the Penta TP (and now the TP5) over the Pro-V1x a while back and don't have second thoughts.  I even received a dozen V1x as a gift a few months ago and gave them away to a buddy because I won't play them anymore.


For me, the Penta performs much better in the wind.  I can also control the spin around the greens better; with the V1x, I had a hard time getting the ball to roll out consistently on chips (it would spin unexpectedly at times).  The Penta gives me a much more consistent roll-out on chips and pitches.

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I have played the Penta since they came out.  I switched to the Prov1 at the end of last season.  The only reason I did so was I refuse to support Taylormade Golf in any fashion.  They are replacing the Penta with something called the killer or something like that (i saw pictures of it the other day).  The marketing department in Taylormade is on crack lately.  But the Penta and the Prov1 are both fantastic balls.

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Originally Posted by SVTGolfer View Post

Im going to go out on a limb and say they're almost identical and its "almost" impossible to tell the difference. Almost…

The one thing I personally noticed was that to me, the Penta really does feel like it has more pop off the club face. I just bought a dozen last week and I had a choice in the store; last years ProV1 or the Penta. I have now played them for a few rounds (only lost two so far) Used one today actually, and really liked it. 


I think the guys that say they don't spin as much don't actually know. Line up 10 of each and hit the same shot into the green and see what happens. You still wont spin as many ProV1's as you think, just like you wont spin as many Penta's as you think. Not everyone that can spin a ball can spin it on every shot consistently to say one way or another. I think spin is relative to your game and because of that when someone plays a ball and doesn't play it well they think its the ball, when the truth is you wouldn't have made that shot with a ProV1 either. 



The Penta is just as good as the ProV1 and cheaper too!!!


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Originally Posted by 853277 View Post

Thanks for the tip on Pentas for 19.99/doz


no prob, its a great deal as long as you dont mind the "PRACTICE" stamped on the side.  i love them.

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I play a lot of golf (3 or 4 times a week) in the late afternoons during the summer and I find a lot of golf balls.  Besides TopFlites, probably the ball I find the most are Pro V1 or ProV1x.  Many are almost brand new.  So, I do play a lot of non-tournament golf with balls I find.  I went to a TaylorMade club fitting and of course the ball they recommend is the TM Penta5.  So happens that where I did the fitting, their range balls were ProV1.  So, once we moved to the grass range portion of the fitting where the guy was putting clubs together, he asked me about what balls I played.  Told him ProV1. He asked me if I had ever played the Penta balls and told him only if I find one.  He suggested if I was going to continue playing Titleist balls that I switch to the ProV1x. 

So, the next time I went out to play in the afternoon, I played 3 balls off the tee on several holes and played the hole in with those balls.  One was ProV1, one was ProV1x and one was the Penta5.  He was right...for me, the ProV1x outperformed the ProV1.  And, the Penta5 and the ProV1x were very comparable. 

I had a gift card for Golfsmith and I bought the Penta5 balls with the buy 2 dozen, get 1 dozen free.  I have been playing them in tournaments lately and have been very pleased.  I actually think they are a touch longer for me off my irons. Performance is good also.  I think someone else said it...they tend to hit, skip, stop.  The ProV1x does similar whereas the ProV1 would hit, skip, spin back. 

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My school gives us pentas, but I personally dislike their short game characteristics. Therefore I used the pro v 1. The pants is fantastic in the wind, but the pro v1 doe sent have a seam, producing a more pure roll than the penta
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Pentas, not pants darn autocorrect
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