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draw biased driver vs adjustable driver

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Just a quick question I am new to golf and have been trying out drivers and find that when hitting the driver I have a tendency to push the ball to the right, not a slice but just a push. I have tried the Ping K15 that has a draw bias and the Taylor Made R9 460 both are great clubs and with the Ping I do hit it straighter but still push right. I havent hit the R9 adjusted. in everyones experience do you feel that a draw biased club or an adjustable hosel would be better.

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I unfortunately can't speak directly to your question, as I have never used an adjustable driver.  I can just tell you anecdotally, that I have used two types of Draw-biased drivers.  One was a TM '07 Burner Draw that I do not believe has any special weighting to fight a fade/slice, but that has a very closed face.  The other is a Ping G15 Draw that sits square or close to square, but has internal weighting to help fight a fade/slice.


In my usage, I had a horrible slice with the Burner Draw, I believe because I was overcompensating for the extremely closed face.  It just didn't work out for me.  On the other hand, I have had a good experience with the G15 Draw, and I like the fact the face sits pretty square, and that the draw bias is essentially invisible to me.  So I just play it normally and hit the ball straighter.


I think, but am not sure, that the K15 is sort of the unofficial replacement to the G15 Draw, but I have read that the K15 does sit somewhat closed, moreso than the G15 Draw.  So this is a shot in the dark, but I would suggest that you try the G15 Draw, with the right shaft, and it just might work for you.    

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get an adjustable. that way when your swing gets better you can adjust it accordingly. if you get a draw biased driver you may never fix your swing fault with that club. and if you do you might have a bad hook.

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I hit a K-15 at a demo day and loved it, almost bought it on the spot.  I just couldn't drop list price on a new driver.  Ping's site says the K-15 is draw biased, (they actually call it "straight biased"), with extra weight in the heel.  I won't say anything bad about Ping, they make great stuff but I ended up with a TM R9 460.  I loved it too and the price was right.  I was intrigued by the adjustable hosel, I bought a tip from Golfsmith and put a shorter shaft in, I can adjust the loft and lie to fit my swing when it inevitably changes.  Imagine, TaylorMade, the company that puts out a new driver every other month may have built me the "last driver" I'll ever need.

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