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Cheeseburger with a can of coke for pre-round snack and a hot dog at the turn will hold you over well.


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I like early tee times so breakfast is usually my "before" meal.  During the round I like gatorade or sports drink and energy bars.  Lara bars and Snickers Marathon bars are my favorites. 

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How Do You Snack/ Keep Up Your Energy During a Round?

Are you fueling your fire, or putting it out during your round?


fast food 2.png


"Point being, our bodies are machines and they need the proper fuel. Granted, some of our machines are more finely tuned than others, but that is even more reason for us to be smart about what goes into our bodies during the rounds. I know most of us aren’t professionals and play golf recreationally, for the good times with our buddies. Let me ask you this though. When was the last time you stopped at halftime of a pickup basketball game and had a cheeseburger and fries? How about grabbing a big plate of nachos while you rest between halves at that rec league soccer game?..." read more  -- Tim Good, 2nd Swing Golf Blog



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I normally golf in the mornings so my routine is:


Instant Oatmeal at home, maybe a Greek Yogurt before I leave or on the road.


I usually have a banana and granola bar somewhere on the front 9, and a peanut butter sandwich on the back nine. Sometimes I bring Cuties (little tangerines) for the back nine as well.


I take bottle water and sometimes diet green tea. Today I had some Vita CoCo with me, but didn't drink it until after the round. I would most likely drink that during the round on really really hot days where I'm sweating.


I'm still hungry after the round, but I usually don't have issues with energy. I'm 45 years old and in fairly decent shape. I walk the course, usually pulling the clubs, sometimes carrying.

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Natural almonds are great for keeping hunger away. I also keep metrx bars in there too.
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I usually wont play unless I've gone to whole foods and gotten a container of french vanilla almond granola.........I'm addicted, and have learned my lessons about playing like crap due to no food

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Originally Posted by Sai-Jin View Post

Since I'm jap... for me it's Onigiri... and lots of water. It tastes really really good and gives you plenty of energy + carbs

I love Onigiri...there's an authentic Japanese grocer in the neighborhood. Tastes just like I got at a Tokyo convenience store! Great idea. Salty tuna is my fav.

Be well

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Usually make a mix of almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and raisins. I also might toss in a small handful of dry cereal like Puffins (today did cinnamon Puffins and it was very tasty.)  On hot days grapes are great. Brought half a PBJ sandwich with me today too and that was good--easy to carry and eat.  I play AM (7:30 a.m.. tee time today) and eat a light breakfast before I leave the house.  On the cart I drink H20 with Emerge-C added then start in on another plain water if it's really hot out.

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A sandwich before, some mixed nuts during and two Yuengling's after.

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If energy is more of the focus during the round instead of hunger, Clif makes some energy blocks that are awesome. The are on the sweet side, but overall a good quick energy source.

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I like to take a few energy bars or some nuts with me, and I only really drink water and sometimes gatorade. I don't like to eat a huge meal before golfing because I don't think it feels nice to rotate your body like that when it's full of food.


If I'm playing poorly enough I'll start drinking beer!

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I normally bring a little bag filled with almonds and pop some every hole.

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I always have a Cliff Bar or 2 in my bag while golfing.  A hot dog at the turn is always a good snack!

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I usually play in the morning, so, breakfast comes about 30 minutes before the round. At the turn I usually have a chicken salad sandwich or PB&J, but I always have a small bag of almonds and a protein bar or 2. If I'm playing in the afternoon (90+ degrees) I bring a cooler with about 8 bottles of water, some wet towels and all on ice.

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Originally Posted by zeg View Post

Only problem is they (bananas) get squished in my carry bag, so I more frequently carry Clif Bars.


+1. I go with the oatmeal-raisin or blueberry crisp Bars, as they have no candy in them and won't melt into a mess in the heat.

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I hit subway before a round and get myself a footlong. If I am hungry before the round I will eat 6 inches before and the other half at the turn. If Im not hungry ill eat it on holes 4 and 13 approx. Its good cheap and convenient. Weekends Im probably drinking beer. weekdays Ill do a gatorade and a water or something.

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