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Just had my first driver fitting @ Golftec

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I've been playing golf for nearly a year now and have been using a regular flex Callaway Diablo 10 degree driver that I grabbed out of the $99 bucket at a local golf shop.  It did well but now that my swing speed is at a 100 now and the regular flex was just super whippy, which meant some  short, some long bombs and that they were genreally all over the place.


I tested the Superfast 2.0, R11 and the Diablo Octane all with Stiff shafts.  My control club had a mean total distance of 245.4 w/ the best being 256 w/ a clustering diameter of 63 yards.  Those numbers were right in line with what I see on the course.


Diablo octane 9.5 - hated it.  never got situated right, club head spread was lower, shot dispersion was all over the place. I jsut did not like it at all.


R11 9 - liked it better mean total yardage jumped to 263 w/ the best being 268 with a shot cluster of 40 yards.  better but still felt like I would need to tinker to get it right.


Then the clear winner was the Superfast 2.0 9* w/ Fujikura Blur which I believe is the stock shaft.  Right away I was comfortable at set up and I jsut wanted to get after the ball and I had the confidence to do it.   Mean total distance was 273 w/ the best coming in at 277 and the best part shot dispersion cluster of 15.4 yards.


I can really use a 275 drive right down the middle in my game.


He pushed to get a 4W and 3 hybrid to round it out.  I've been wanting a 3 hybrid for a while.  I have been playing with 4i and then go to a 5W and 3W which I am not confident with. Some days I crush it and others I slice really bad.


I didnt order the FW but I hit the new Rescue 11 and new I needed it in my bag.


I'll get around to the FW down the road a little bit.


All in all it was a good experience.  I didn't feel like I was getting bullshitted.  The driver felt great right away.  He did measure my hands and is having hte grips built up a little.  I hope thats not weird to get used to.  oh also the fitting was free and he beat the local guys price by a few dollars. 

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Driver gets here in a week but the Rescue doesnt get released until 3/15.


Eh I'm ansty but it's 29 degrees for the high today.

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my swing speed is 108 mph on average and my average drive is around 260 (carry distance only).  all measured on the course.


i'd say you were bs'ed but if it works on the course and you like the way it feels then my opinion doesn't matter (not that it does anyway! ;^})


btw- i hit my longest drive last summer with a laminated maple 10* graphite shafted 44" driver.  305 yards, firm fairway, no wind, 95* temp and 80% humidity.  it'll stay in my bag.

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Well swing speed is not the only thing that determines drive length, my launch angle came down and my spin was in the 3k range with the reg flex which caused ballooning.and you are comparing carry distance to total distance.  Also, my gps measured on course drives were taken when the temps were in the low 40's.


I think the gains I saw are realistic considering the increase in shaft stiffness and that my swing now averaging 103.  My reg flex diablo was super mushy and whippy.



Me and a buddy are taking off to Vegas late next week for a quick 2 days golf trip, we'll see how it performs then.  Sure wish the hybrid would be here by then but I'll be happy enough just to golf in shorts.

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Sounds like you got a driver that suited you.  Doesn't sound like BS to me.  One word of caution:  Take some warm clothes to Vegas.  The high desert of Nevada is not like Arizona.  It can get very, very cold in winter.  I guess Arizona can too, judging from the Match Play.

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got fitted at a local las vegas golf shop, also enjoyed it, but pretty much knew what i wanted going in. stats on camera suggested the same thing.


my swing speed is 121, launch angle 9.5-10.5 and spin 2500 to 3k rpm. i can't control a light driver so i always go for something heavy, and i'm VERY picky about visual aesthetics. i also prefer a smaller club head if there's one available with good technology. i picked up a titleist 910 d3, stuck a diamana 'ahina 72 low-mid S in it, and weighted it as heavy as i could with the titleist adjustment kit. loving it so far.


glad you liked your fitting, it's important!

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I got fitted at Golftec yesterday for irons.  It cost $99.  I had been looking for a review of their process so I hope this helps someone else trying to decide whether to go there.  I planned on buying used clubs online but wanted to get an idea of what I should be looking for.


It started with a couple swings on the Mizuno shaft optimizer.  That gave me three shafts, the True Temper DG S300, KBS Stiff 130g, and Project X 5.5.  Then he put a impact sticker on my 6 iron and had me take a couple swings. This is all indoors, i think they used a flightscope.  We tried a couple different club lengths to get me to hit the ball higher on the club face.  I play the 09 Burners, which are about a 1/2 inch longer than most clubs (part of the distance gimmick), and it turned out that it was about an inch too long for me.  Then using a lie board and the impact stickers we adjusted the lie angle to move my contact off the heel and out towards the center.  My burners were 2* flat and it turns out I need 2* upright now.  


Then we moved on to hitting different club heads using a 37" versions of the shafts selected.  I hit the R11, Rocketbladz, JPX 825 Pro, i20, and MP-59.  I hit the JPX 825 Pro and i20's best.  


So in the end, I learned that my current clubs are an inch too long and bent *4 degrees in the wrong direction.  My misses have been blocks and fades so I am hopeful that the proper loft will help offset that to some degree.  Hopefully the shorter length will improve the consistency of my ball striking.  


It was a great experience and would highly recommend a Golftec fitting.  

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