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Just wondering what type of grip everyone likes. Not neccesaraly the brand but the texture etc, also do you grip all you clubs the same or do you gip your diver different than your iron and you wedges.

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My palms sweat, sometimes profusely, to the point where I have to bring 4 gloves to play a round. So, I need a grip that is sticky even when my hands are sweaty. I use Wynn 5s because they have the perfect texture for my hands, and they're really soft as well. The feel from soft grips is beautiful to me, and when I mishit the ball these grips absorb a lot of shock and don't hurt my hands and wrists, which is generally more pleasant. I grip all my wedges, irons, and woods the same.

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I've used nothing but Winn for close to 15 years or so... preferring the firmer end of their line.  Both for feel and for added durability as compared to the softer Winns.


To think we EVER used black and green golf pride Victory grips!!  Well... I guess we once wore tighty-whities too......

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I've always used gp tour wrap after they came on my set of mizuno tc29s 15 years ago. 

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I don't wear a glove and play in very humid conditions.  I like a cord grip and prefer is to be pretty rough, I use the same grips on all my clubs, even my putter.

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I am using the new Golf Pride, VDR's, white color. Medium sized, with two extra wrappings of tape.


I use the same grip for everyshot, unless i want to fade then i weaken my right hand. My grip is seeing two knuckles on the left hand, and the V on my right hand pointing towards my right shoulder. I use this on everyshot.

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Mid golf pride cord on everything except my irons.  Winn g8 mid's on my irons.  I will eventually switch the irons over to cord, but my money is best spent elsewhere at the time because I really don't mind the g8 grips.  I don't use a glove and play in Minnesota, this means my hands are always sweaty.  The g8's get slippery in the rain or humidity, but the cord grips are always awesome.

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Love Winn Grips. I play the medium firm 5xi BRD on both woods and irons. I also use medium Winn Medalist grip on my putter. I don't play with a glove and there is no slipping or rotating that I've noticed during my swing.

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Golf Pride VDR's on all clubs except putter

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try iomic sticky's, I like a nice thin grip and use the 2.3, they are made in Japan, very high quality, but a bit pricey.  you can pick them up on Ebay for a decent price if you have the patience.  I think regular retail is around $20.00/per.  I was sceptical until I tried them, they are unreal, I don't use a glove, and if they are a little damp they are actually more sticky than when they are dry.  I have taken my club rolled it in the wet grass wiped the grip with a damp towel and then handed it to a playing partner and they almost fall over, they cannot believe how sticky they are and how good the grip feels.  check them out if you are a serious player you will buy them.  For they guy's who play in humid conditions do yourself a favor and go buy one and put it on the club you use the most, I can guarantee you will change all your cord grips over, I used to use multi-compound half cords, they are good, but not even close to the iomic's

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Winn Lite Grips - great feel!


I put them on every club except my putter. That, I have electroplated with 24k gold rolleyes.gif

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has to be golf pride new decade multi comp. even for the price, a great grip.

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Iomic Sticky's.... they are pricey as stated compared to other types but well worth it. I got mine from fusiongrips.com... standard pricing but best selection, free shipping and a rewards program.

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