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How much should it cost for this work to be done?

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So i got a good deal on a set of mizuno mp67s with project x 6.0 flighted shafts.  the thing is that when i recieved them, i found that they were =1" and that whoever put the shafts in did a terrible job.  the 5 iron was the worst, the ferrule is and inch off of the head.  they all have teeth marks on them and glue squished out of them.  the heads and shafts seem to be in good shape tho i i think it will just take some money to get them worked on.


How much should it cost for:



- Deterimining the lie angle i need and then adjusting it.


- Determining the shaft length i need and cutting it...or just cutting it to standard.


- Pulling the shafts, putting in new ferrules, and putting them back together.



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most of us charge $5 to bend for loft/lie.


adjusting the length about $5 to shorten a club and $8 - $10 to lengthen..


pulling the shafts and replacing ferrules about $10- $15.


just curious- what was the "good deal"?


before you have anything done to them take them out and hit a few balls..decide which of them feel the best and have the rest adjusted to that "feel".  a "good" clubfitter will be able to do this and it's well worth the extra money spent.

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btw- forget "standard", there's no such thing.  have them adjusted to the way YOU want them, after all they're YOUR clubs.

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thanks for the reply, tweaky


i got them from ebay for $250 with free shipping.  the seller said they were 8.5 percent out of 10 condition wise and i probably should have looked for a little more info... but the heads are in good shape and from what i can tell the shafts are in good shape.  they are just an inch too long and the glue job wasnt done professionally.  the damage to the ferrules is a cosmetic issue as far as i know exept for maybe the 5 iron which is the bad one..so i can get those fixed how i want depending on cost effectiveness.


then they are very upright so when i set up (with shoes on) or simulate my impact position, the heel of the club is the part touching the ground...when i choke up an inch.


and i am comparing standard length with my old set (8 iron-36") and i would probly want them to be bent a degree flat when compared to my old set.


and my old set is set of Titleist DCI 990s with rifle 6.0 shafts.


again thanks 





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when you have them bent make sure you swing each club on a lie board and adjust each one as a different club.  DO NOT have them all adjusted based on ONE club.  due to variances in shaft bending the lie angles usually come out different that what you'd expect.

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tweaky is correct


  You can not determine your lie angle by looking at where you "think" you are at impact. You also need to find someone who is qualified in being able to actually read the lie correctly. He is also correct on getting the lies checked separately. When your buying a set of clubs from off the Internet, or even from a big box manufactures the shafts are usually all over the place. Even if you do a "custom fitting" with a big box manufacture you do not get what you actually hit 99 percent of the time. They do not have tight tolerances so when they get their shafts from china they never test them. If you can get  your shafts pured it really helps with this. ( alignment of the spine).  Go see an Henry-Griffitts fitter and have them check your lies,( they came up with the lie board 30 years ago, so they know it the best)  they might be able to adjust them for you, or go find a qualified builder in your area. 


And again your right tweaky...there is no such thing as standard!

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The ferrules can be cleaned up pretty easily... just put some acetone on a smooth towel hold the ferrule in it and spin it for a second or two... the acetone will melt it a bit and make it look pretty close to new.

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Might be your chance to learn to do your own work!  With Epoxy, Ferrules, Grips, Grip Tape, solvent, heat gun and a hack saw you can do all the work you need except loft and lie changes. You would save a tonne of money and most of us that do our own basic work find it very rewarding.

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Where did you get them?  Golf clubs with crappy assembly jobs are counterfeit alot of the time....

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