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nike method putter

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just wondering if anyone has a nike method putter and what your thoughts are on it

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I have just put my 004 model on ebay.  It is a good looking club and feels great but I found it hard to judge distance and wasn't making any putts with it.  My last round I switched back to my red x and it felt so natural, I made some putts with it too.  After that round I knew the method just wasn't for me.  I think part of the reason it didn't work was due to the blade style head, I need a longer alignment line like you get on a mallet to help me line up correctly.

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just wondering if anyone has a nike method putter and what your thoughts are on it

I had a Nike Method 004 but I found that I prefer a two-ball putter so I put the Method on ebay.

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i couldn't aim well with the method, so i continue to use the odyssey 2-ball

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I have Method model 005. I absolutely love it!!! Best putter ive ever used. And that's coming from a Scotty Cameron guy… Well, former Scotty Cameron guy… Haha. The feel is awesome! The distance control is very manageable. And all the tech and the forward roll, etc… is no lie. There's no skip or jump off the face. I will agree with a statement above that it is difficult to aim sometimes. But I find a lot of putters on the market difficult to aim. 


I do not think that the new Nike Method is as good as the previous ones. There is an obvious price difference between them, but when I tried the new one I did not like it. 

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I own the 001 in 33" and love it. I like it over the Scotty Cameron's that I have tried. I am thinking about adding a sight line.

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I have the Method 001 and I love it.  I feel very confident with it, and it is easy to handle imho.   It also looks great.

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I have the 002 at 33" and find it to be everything my SC is with a quicker roll. Easy to align & good distance control with a very smooth roll. I will rotate with my SC Fastback 1.5 this year, but the 002 will be the starter.

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... Have had many putters {SeeMore, Scotty, and more} - Tried the Nike Method 005 [ small mallet with the "expensive" insert, not the plastic one] - this putter is phenominal.  It immediately encouraged a smoother stroke - really got all the putts in or close - sticker was $299 - seen it for $249 - got it on eBay  [new] for less and very happy.  Good stroking..Tomm

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After trying nearly every putter in the market my obvious choice based on feel was the nike method. And i knew that at setup :)

The Scotty compared to the Nike felt clicky to me. With putters its a personal feel that counts and I had that from the get go with nike method 001. Even before hitting a ball with it I felt so good in the hands at setup. And now after so many rounds with it I feel its going to be with me forever:)

The combination of Nike method and Titleist proV1 is hard to beat.

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I replaced my Scotty Cameron Platinum Pro with a 34 inch Method blade.  Love it.  Rolls very nicely, balanced well.  

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This putter is really nice, had one before, then went to a scotty and now BACK!

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I almost bought a Method but found the feel of it to be too clicky for me.

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I tried about ten putters at my local store, Cameron's, pings, etc...method for me was more accurate in distance and lines, just matched me I guess, just out of my price range. I still use a chipshot.com brass blade I got for free during the dot com boom :p
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The Method 001 has been the only putter I've liked more than my SC Newport.  I put it in my bag about a year ago along with a new set of irons.  For me, it's the easiest putter I've ever used in terms of distance control.  The alignment dot has taken some getting used to but, for me, distance control has always been my main issue.  I can't say that I hole any more putts than I used to outside of 10 feet, but I have dramtically lowered my 3 putts per round  overall putts per round. 


As a side note...the Nike360 app and website are amazing.  You've got to check it out. 

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