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Advice required on upgrading irons please

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Hi. Ive got some wilson irons, about 7 year old now, cavity, and my handicaps 22.. and going down as I'm playing more often. I tried out some Wilson Di9 and Nike Slingshot irons up at my local range the other day, and the ball goes a little further than my old irons, but not loads. The main thing I noticed was there was very little shock travelling up the shaft to my hands .. and although its hard know, maybe they were a bit more forgiving as my scatter pattern of ball landings werent too bad.. i was all set on the Di9's over in the Uk for around £200 on sale, but then I came across a site doing some Taylormades R9's for £300 on special offer.. now im  not really into just paying for the name, but these R9's retail new at £700 and the wilsons Di9's about £350... is it worth me stumping up the extra £100 and would i notice any difference?  Many thanks for future comments...






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I'm in the same boat as you, playing 8yo Cobra's and looking to get some new technology.  My personal plan is to focus on clubs where I have a narrow short dispersion (left-right) and give me the carry/roll characteristics that fit my style.  If $ isn't an object then go with the ones that match your game and feel the best.  If it is, let $ break the tie between the two.

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to be honest, many say don't go to a blade or a "players" club until you're ready.  Though it's a good starting point, I say just blind test the clubs.  If you're going to be playing a lot more and working on your game, i'd suggest a true blind test & fitting.  I went from graphite shafts on X-16's to Mizuno MP-60's w/ PX shafts after my 1st year. Sure it took 2 weeks to get used to the clubs playing and hitting 6 days each week during the adjustment period...but in my personal opinion, I'd rather know when I miss hit, and where I miss hit...I felt like the change made me become a better ball striker... but if you'll be out there just shooting and having fun with friends and not playing a lot or planning on working on the game alot...go with a club that will give you the best results on the avg...miss hits included.

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Do yourself a favor and purchase the irons with a good deal of perimeter weighting and weight set back behind the face. This will give you more consistent distance when you don't strike the ball in center of the club face and help you get the ball up in the air.


Believe me, they will feel so good in your hands you won't be able to believe it. 


The di9's look like they fit the bill. The r9's don't have enough helpful weighting. And, while the slingshot has more weight behind the club face, it's weighting technology is surpassed by the di9's by a longshot.


Golfdigest.com had a helpful list of ultra-game improving irons. If you look around there, you will see that they are all putting the weight in the same places to accomplish the same things. It might help you see the advantages of the di9's over the r9's.


Isn't golf a great game? There's always something to think about whistling.gif



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I play the R9's and love them.  Forgiving enough for me.  Wilson makes some really good irons, too.  I would recommend trying stuff out before you buy, if you can.

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thanks for comments.. i think I need to test drive some more out !


nike sq machspeed seem to fit the bill as well.. lots of low back weighting.. same sort of price aswell...


A guy had R9's and swapped to the machspeeds..


ill report back once ive tried some out.. even if it helps some others decide..



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As a 22 handicap, you want the most forgiving clubs you can get.  So, forget about blades for now.  When you get to the point where you are a 10 handicap with SGI or GI irons, then you can consider blades.

As for should you get the TMs over the Wilsons, you likely arent going to notice that your game is $100 better with the TMs, so its probably not a wise way to spend your money unless you like the TMs better.

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Blades? He's looking at two sets of cavity backs isn't he?

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Try out the new Tour Edge Bazooka Hybrids. I was surprised and picked them up. 
It might not be the best for low handicaps but another friend picked them up also and he is closer to 9 handicap.
See how they work for you. Its alot easier to hit their long irons and get 'lift'.

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