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Into the wind you want to lessen your spin rate. So you definelty want to swing slower, like 75%. Another cheap way, i have done this before. Tee the ball up like on a par 3, really low, and just try to sweep the driver along the ground. It slows down the pace and you hit a low rocket that runs out a long way. Not to mention, that sort of hit produces nearly no side spin at all, so its going to go were your clubface is pointing. 

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I normally choke down slightly and swing easy.  The faster the swing speed the more spin on the ball.  The more spin on the ball, the higher it climbs into the wind.  The higher it climbs into the wind, the more the wind affects it.  When I swing easy into the wind I tend to get a more controllable shot that almost always goes as far as it would if I swung hard

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Pull out my low kick 44 inch driver and swing normal

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I'm sure i read somewhere that your meant to tee it up higher to hit it lower 

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Normally into the wind I just try to put a smooth swing on it resisting the urge to go after it. If it is really windy I will move the ball back slightly, tee it down slightly, and swing smooth for solid contact which usually gives me a medium flighted draw. The most important ingredient is to resist the temptation to hit it harder than normal because this will lead to swing faults being exposed and increased spin.

Hit the shot as described today into the wind and it worked like a charm driving it 260. Little back, little low, let it flow.
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I've heard tour pros in interview talk about plainly hitting it 'softer' to take the spin off and make it less susceptible to wind. I know I accidentally played a low drive into a wind today and I thought "ah, that's shit. so short, crap flight etc" and it ended up at least as far as the average drive for me on that hole. If I knew how I did it.....!! lol.


Personally I think playing in the wind will always be the toughest challenge for any golfer to overcome. As obvious a statement as that sounds, just read above to see just how there has never been a be all and end all solution to playing in high wind.


It was said at the Honda the other week in high wind - "There will be no flukes today"

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It seems like everyone is partially right here. According to physics increasing backspin into the wind will cause to to fly higher as the pressure should become lower above the ball which would pull the ball upwards. However not having enough spin will cause the ball to assume a spin equal to the opposite direction of the wind. I try to setup the ball at normal height and hit it at the bottom of the swing with a driver and try to keep it as a low straight-draw. At my skill level is it definitely quite challenging to perform this perfectly all the time and land it where i was hoping for but it does happen sometimes. I also dont swing as quickly as the distance off-line greatly increases as you hit it further.


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