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Easy for me.  MG Golf, surprisingly enough, makes the best glove by my standards. They have a techno- something that I buy frequently.  Good, tight feel, good durability, and great in "moist" weather.  Price is excellent, and I'm a lefty cadet-type, so its good to have a supplier who can give me what I need.

Completely agree. They make great gloves at a great price. If you haven't tried them you should. They make good bags also, I actually ordered one last week. Google "master grip" to find the website.

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Last year I went through about 12 gloves, after trying a few a sticked to the best quality Titleist Leather glove...... and after about two weeks of use, they fell apart (So Sorry ..... I played 4-6 times a week last year) This year I still have many of the additional 12 gloves I bought during the second half of the last year's season, but I don't use gloves anymore (unless it rains).......


I went playing gloveless at the start of this year and never looked back !!!


Why don't you give it a try ....... I rather buy a new driver each year than spending $200-$300 on gloves per year ....... 

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Has anyone ever tried the "Bionic" golf glove.  I tried one on at the store the other day, and it felt amazing to me, but I didn't want to drop $25 on the glove without hearing about it from someone else.  I'm willling to spend the money if it's going to work well and be durable, but if it's going to wear out quickly I won't spend the money just because the glove feels that good on my hand.

I have been using the Bionic glove for 3 years now and in my opinion nothing tops it. It last longer than any other glove that I've tried and I can get a better grip on the club with it. Try it on and put a club in your hand, you won't look back.

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I can't believe there have only been 2 posts on the Titleist Player's glove.  It's a fantastic glove that gives you a true feel of the club.  It's relatively thin, but strangely durable for the thickness in my experience.  Proper care (storing it dried in a ziplock bag) will make it last a long time unless you improperly swing out of your shoes.... but that's for another forum :)

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I stopped  wearing a glove years ago and while in Golf Galaxy one day tried one of these on.  Well I bought it and have been wearing it ever since.  Great glove and makes a difference in the feel of the club in my hands.  With the extreme heat this summer and humidity in the east it is holding up real well,.  I would recommend you give it a shot ,

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When I started golfing last year I never thought I would have a favorite glove. After going through 3 or 4 pair of gloves, I picked up a pair of FJ Spidr2 and love them.  They fit snug with no seams in annoying locations.  The gloves are very durable and reasonably priced.  I highly recommend them.

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i use callaway tour authentic gloves. it is really really soft and wont harden up after getting wet. it last very long also, at the very least 12 rounds. and you can get them new off of ebay for like 8 bucks

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I've used a variety of gloves including the Callaway Tour gloves and the FootJoy SciFlex both of which are very good gloves which feel and wear well for me but recently I've fallen in love with the Snake Eyes Tour Premium glove in the ML Cadet size.  The price is unbeatable for a leather glove.  Not too thick and not too thin, durability is as good as the others I've mentioned.  It's a Golfsmith house brand if you need to know where to find them.

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Currently playing with a Callaway glove that was given to me by my grandfather a month ago. It's not bad on feel, and I've played about 12 rounds with it so far, and it still has no holes in it (one starting in the thumb, which is where all mine start haha). In this 100% humidity Florida heat, I'm truly surprised at how durable this glove is. Most gloves in this heat last 4-5 rounds at the most from the sweat.

No clue what 'model' it is though. I say buy all of them and decide yourself.

How's that for product placement, Callaway?

I demand payment...

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I really like the taylormade stratus. It's cheap and does not tear easily.

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I like the new PureBold (http://purebold.com) gloves. come in all different colors and actually for a reasonable price. 100% cabretta leather which is the only kind of glove i will use also

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I wear footboy weathersof gloves. Their really great and last a long time

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It depends on whether you regrip at the top of your swing.

If you do, the nicest, softest glove will last you three holes.


Buy the cheapest ones that you feel comfortable with and that last.

That will very probably be a synthetic one.

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Titleist Perma Soft or Players glove. Wash with a damp rag after each round.


I also clean my grips after each round with a damp towel and then spray a little fan belt conditioner (from Autozone for about 5 bucks). Keeps grips tacky and soft. Also works for the glove.

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I really like FootJoy StaSof. They don't seem to last the longest but everything else I like. I have been thinking of trying a Bionic glove though. Might have to finally pick one up this year. 

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Footjoy gloves are the best.
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I started off wearing Footjoy, then tried Bionic and loved it, then found I didn't have as much 'feel' with the Bionic so swapped back to Footjoy, then I tried the Mizuno JPX glove which I thought was amazing, then I found out it's amazing for short periods of time but as soon as the outer layer gets worn the inner layer is silky smooth and crap for gripping a club, then I tried Nike, then went back to Footjoy and am now trying Titleist.


All of them have been good in different ways so there's no "best" for me.

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Old thread, I know, but I didn't want to start a new one... Over the summer I stopped wearing gloves but have recently started to wear one again because I'm practicing a lot more and my hands were getting sore... I've always liked the super soft "premium" gloves but they do tend to wear quickly which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't also pricey (usually $20 or so each depending on exact make).


Recently I was turned onto gloves by mg by another golfer I was paired with. I played my first round with it today and it is just as good as any other glove I've used (my favorite had been the Titleist Permasoft) but it only cost $14 for two instead of $18 for one of the Titleist gloves. If you like this type of glove I'd recommend you check them out. They are only available through their site but, like I said, $14 for two (and $3 for shipping).

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