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Bang Drivers

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Has anyone hit any Bang drivers?  My father in law had a Bang-O-Matic that he wasn't using that eventually found its way into my bag.  It doesn't sound great off the tee but it is almost like I cannot hit a bad shot with it and my father in law has had the same results.  He has a Taylormade R9 460 sitting in the garage now and I have a Mizuno MP 630 Fast Track in my garage. 


Anyone hit it and know anything else about the Bang drivers?  I've searched Google but not a lot is out there about them.. 

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Here are review. Never played them,but have heard good things.

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I  have one of them too, and yes they sound nasty but are sweet.  I bought it just to hit it around, i use my new 2.0 now but it still have the banger in my bag just for funsies.

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