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Round Putter Grips

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Consider this...


Some people have strong grips. Some people have weak grips. We all play with round grips on our clubs... except our putters.




Why are we relying on a flat part of a grip - which can very easily be a few degrees off (which can also shift over time) - for our alignment when the putter head, offset, markings, etc. should be responsible for our alignment?


Perhaps we should re-consider using a flat putter grip and consider using round putter grips again. Let's use our eyes and the alignment aids ON THE PUTTER to help us line ourselves up. Let's not rely on a hastily applied, never-quite-correct flat spot on a putter grip.


Consider that...

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It is a good point. I sometimes wonder if my grip is aligned how I want it to be. Whoever or whatever installed the grip may have got it slightly off, or a square grip just doesn't fit your putting style. I've installed all my other clubs with logo and dash down, so I only align with the clubface. I do align with the putterhead too, it sometimes feel a bit weird, like the grip and head doesn't match up, but I always use the head for alignment. I have also changed the putter grip myself, which might not have been installed properly again. I wondered when putting the new grip on why they needed to plaster the entire shaft with strong double-sided tape to hold the grip in place. You don't exactly go around swinging this club hard.


On the other hand, I do like the flat top to rest the thumbs on, but I suppose it's just a matter of what you are used to. Having a grip with some edges and not perfectly round may make it sit better in the hands. Then again, you are still not swinging hard, so it shouldn't be a problem with a round one. If you get the grip aligned perfectly for your putter grip and style, it should work I guess. Putter grips are usually thicker.


Do round putter grips exist? You could perhaps put on a bunch of layers of masking tape to widen a normal grip.

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Originally Posted by Zeph View Post

Do round putter grips exist?

Yep. http://edelgolf.com/


I'm asking because it makes sense to me, and we're being trained on Friday to fit for Edel putters. I'll be fit for mine at that time too.

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I was thinking about the same question for a long time .

My putting still the weakest part of my game , and am looking for the root cause .

Every time when I held the putter in my hand , I always rethink about the grip and the feel ... Results ? Bad !
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I'll try putting my spare Pure grip on a putter one day and see how that works.

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i've been using a FEEL Release on my putters for about 5 years now and have no plans on changing. i align the face with my target and don't need false input from a shaped grip.

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I put a normal round grip on my putter a few months ago.  I always have had the same problem that you mentioned when trying to regrip a putter, I could never get it aligned quite right.  My stroke feels pretty good with it on my putting mat at home, but I've yet to get on a real green with it...

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Well, I like the way my (flat-fronted) grip is on my putter, but I don't think I ever used a round putter grip, so I can't say I'm giving it a proper comparison.


When I need to put on a new grip - the current one was applied end of last year - I'll give this a shot.  Worst case, I'm out a few bucks.


Can I still use the Utley grip (or whatever approximation of it I've achieved) with a round instead of flat-fronted?  I can't think of anything in how I hold the putter that relies on the fact that there's a flat end.


And... can I put the same grip I put on my other clubs, or would I be putting on an Edel grip?

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That flat putter grip has been bothering me all winter!  Last year started with some amazing putting, and then through the summer, it got worse and worse.  I couldn't figure it out even after all my practice.  This winter, being obsessed with all my golf stuff, I figured out that my grip had aligned so the face is very closed, which wasn't the case when I first installed it.  Maybe this will fix this issue?!  Have you tried playing with one yet?  I'm curious to see reactions and results.  I just may do this.

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I'm probably weird. To me the flat grip on my Ping is irrelevant; I line up my put across a certain point on the green and perpendicular to the putter face. I've never even thought about using the putter grip as an alignment tool, probably because I know it's not guaranteed to be perfect.

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To answer the question of why ?

Because golf is easily the most copy cat industry on the planet.

Somebody had success with it ( pronely ping ). And everybody else copied it.
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I think that I may have to give this a try; I doubt that it could make my putting any worse.

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I struggle with shutting the putterface and have considered this - based, mainly, upon the fact that my dad putts with a round grip and can put me to shame.

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I have a flat faced putter grip.  When my putting gets crappy, I practice putting with my sandwedge.  I putt with the bottom (bounce) of the club in the belly of the ball.  This, of course, has a round grip and it feels fine to me. 


The reason I do this is it forces me to really focus.  It also tells on me.  Lots of times at the practice green when I've practicing chipping, I go up and putt the balls in with my sand wedge.  Some days, I think I putt better with it than my putter.


I think a round grip should be fine and shouldn't really make much difference unless the flat faced grip is significantly offline with the face.


Another thing to consider is if you consistently pull the putts left, try installing a new flat faced putter grip roatated a tad left of center.  That may cure your pull.

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Don't belly putters have round grips? Was in the market for one and they seem round.

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Originally Posted by wrx_junki View Post

Don't belly putters have round grips? Was in the market for one and they seem round.

If the putter has 2 grips on it like most belly and long putters do, they have to be round. The USGA made this rule in the early 90's.


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I'm now a certified fitter of logo_edel.gif putters, the stock grip for which is round. I'll have more to say about this process later on.

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Got any pictures of your putter and its grip?


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