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I look for balls, it has become a sort of hobby for me. I don't go out of my way when playing with others or when the course is busy, I will go late in the day and pay to play the course knowing I'll only get a partial game in so I can look in difficult places for balls. I do this once in a while when working late driving past a course I know pretty well.


My record in one day is 520 balls.


I have specific areas on specific courses that I know where to look. Some advantages to this are, I've gotten to know the characteristics of several different types of balls and, I have lots of expendable balls to practice with when I'm playing alone on an empty course. I give alot of them back practicing off the tee.


I started playing last summer so my game is a work in progress but I've reached the point where I like to play with new balls when playing with a group when I'm keeping score. I prefer the longer less spin balls because I can't effectively stop balls on the greens yet so I like to hit them as far as I can with my driver. I play with rocket balls or e6s right now.

Incidentally, I have over 1300 balls in my garage last count that's after giving hundreds away to friends and relosing them on the course.

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Wow, 520! I just can't seem to find 'em other than in the water. Got any tips about where you find them mostly? If I find any others, it's usually plugged in the soft ground around water, rather than in the water. I never find them in the trees or rough?

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Originally Posted by MS256 View Post

There was a guy that was almost blind that used to walk his rounds where I play early in the morning before anyone got there. He always used the yellow balls so he could see them better. Anytime I found a yellow ball I would leave it at the clubhouse so he could get it back.


One foggy day as I was playing my round I noticed that about every 200 yards there were several yellow balls in the fairway and I gathered them up. About halfway through my round I saw him up ahead in another fairway and it appeared he was looking for a ball (which I could see) so I went over to show him where it was and give him his balls back. I told him he had 160 yards to the pin. He hit a shot that landed right beside the pin and I said great shot. He said "Thanks...Now if I can find it". I told him to just go to the pin and look down and he wouldn't have any trouble.

that is really cool.  i wonder how he was even able to see the pin to aim at!  that guy must have some patience.

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I don't go to the course searching for lost golf balls.


Who knows where they've been?



lol, they aren't hookers.


i played a course the other day that sits on a protected national park.  i guess people think they aren't even allowed to go in the woods to look for their ball, because i must have found 50 or so.  most of them very good balls.  funnily enough by the end of the round i reluctantly gave most of them back to the forest.

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Originally Posted by tuffluck View Post

that is really cool.  i wonder how he was even able to see the pin to aim at!  that guy must have some patience.

I figure either he could make out the flag (maybe some kind of tunnel vision) or was going mostly by memory. I didn't see him at all last year so I don't know if he finally gave up golf or not.


From the way his swing looked he may have been pretty good before he lost his sight.

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