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The weight of your golf bag!

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Dear all!   That is weight for your golf bag with brassie?    

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22.6lbs fully kitted.  Includes driver, fw, 3-pw, hybrid, 2 wedges, putter, towel, 12 balls, cleat cleaning brush, 2 bags of tees (different lengths), knife, divot tool, clip on watch and two pencils and of course, the bag itself, Nike sasquatch tour carry.


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Hmm, i will have to put it on the scale when i get home. But a best guess would be right around 20 lsb, but with an umbrella it feels like 40 ;b

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With, or without, sixpack mini-cooler and flask?  a2_wink.gif


For the serious golfer (hic!):


For the serious golfer (hic!)

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Sure feels like 40+ with all the balls, cleaners, towels, tins of chew, tees.... etc.
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when i went to FLA a month ago mine lbs out at 39.00


4-gap wedge


driver R9





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Originally Posted by JAYDEE3 View Post

when i went to FLA a month ago mine lbs out at 39.00


Yikes....those must be some pretty heavy shafts in your irons, ha ha.  My soft-sided travel case only weighs 6lbs even, and my shoes don't even register on my digital scale, so figure about 1 to 2lbs max.  I'll have to put it all in the case later to see what my "traveling" weight is.  The airline tag is still on it from the last time I flew (yeah, I can be that lazy), but they don't stamp the weight on it.  I am guessing you use a staff bag or a hard-shell travel case?

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26 pounds on the dot. never thought it was that heavy. maybe 20 or a little less.

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32.4 lbs, airline ready.



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Huh? You guys understood what he was asking?
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A brassie is an old-timey club.  No longer used, so i took it as meaning "with gear"

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20 lbs but I'm trying to lighten it consrantly!

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A little under 20 pounds. I keep about a dozen balls, about a hundred tees, and 13 - 14 golf clubs with their head covers in there. Aside from that, there's not much to add weight. The bag itself is about 3.5 or 4 pounds.
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I use a cheap, light nylon sleeve "walking" bag with 5 or six clubs, a towel, and some balls.  The normal bag on my cart probably weighs at least 45#...14 clubs, a couple dozen balls, towels, various brushes and club cleaning thingies, dozens of tees of various lengths, first aid kit, sun screen, 2 pair of socks, laser range finder, etc...just the essentials.

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with 1 towel, all clubs/balls/tees ready to walk out the door...weighs in at 18 lbs 10 oz

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I just put mine on the scale, 20.6lbs. 

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I don't know what my golf bag weighs now, but last year I cleaned it out and removed a few dozen golf balls that had accumulated. That alone reduced the weight to a reasonable amount.

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I'll give mine a weighing when I can.


Carrying 6 balls instead of 16 helped on the weight. a3_biggrin.gif

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