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My Swing (tazrestling27)

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Hi everyone, I have uploaded my swing for this 2011 season. I have not played on the course yet this season, just a few driving range session. I had a friend video this, it is not the greatest, but hopefully I can still get some feedback. I know my swing is different from a lot, I have a loop at the top I am trying to get rid of and my backswing is not the extent of most golfers since I am not that flexible. However I still hit my clubs very far and I am a good ball striker. My 8 iron which I use in this video goes 150yds. My drivers carry distance is about 245 and rolls typically to the 260yd. Just would like input, and thanks for taking time out of your day.



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I'm no swing expert, but I can tell you that the experts on here will tell you to make a new video. You need to film your whole swing from the top of the club down. Also try to get a shot in front of you (showing your chest).

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You should cut 3 inches off the shafts e2_whistling.gif e2_whistling.gif

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from what i can see... you make a really good hip turn/slide and really get the hips moving quickly. looks like you've got a pretty good shot, and a consistent rhythm. your backswing is really short, and that's why you're not hitting your clubs that far. you also re route the club on the way down, but many people do that and are successful so if it works for you then it works. 

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My Swing (tazrestling27)

I started playing golf competitively two years ago, played for about 4 years but in first two years only played three rounds. Please take a look at my videos and let me know.




Below is driver in image format.iSwing_Photo_2.26.12.jpg driver

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In the simulator, my 7 iron was 176 yds on avg. My driver was 316 yds avg, with a ball speed avg of 166mph.  (I know simulators exaggerate, however last season my avg drive was about 297yd). My typical miss is a push, when I do not take the club back enough inside.

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Wow thanks for putting the two videos together, I didn't even remember putting a swing on here, and that is ugly  ha ha. It has changed.

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Originally Posted by tazrestling27 View Post

Wow thanks for putting the two videos together, I didn't even remember putting a swing on here, and that is ugly  ha ha. It has changed.


No problem. It's good to see progress, isn't it!? :)

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Just wondering if anyone has any good or bad feedback. All is appreciated. Thank you

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For some reason I am hitting the ball thin and it goes straight left. Like a hook. Any suggestions. Please Help, I think I am off plane

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Sounds like the dreaded shanks, lefty style.

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any drills on to fix this, in to out path?

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Here are a few comments...


1.) 3rd frame of the driver takeaway looks like you're far outside...  Try taking the club inside on your takeaway.  


I would recommend that you look at getting a Vision Track as a training aid to help you get on plane...


2.) You mentioned that your misses are off the hosel (shank).  You're a left handed golfer, and I'm right handed... So please note that you should focus on your RIGHT armpit when doing this drill... To help me stay on plane and not reach for the ball, I do the following drill where I focus on my left armpit (your right), ensuring that my arms are connected to my body.


Try placing a head cover or towel under your armpit.  Like in this instructional video.  But in my opinion, the video does a poor job of showing the finish... A big powerful finish the towel or head cover will drop as your hands/arms will finish high - breaking that connection (although this is far after impact).


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Also, another one of my favorite instructors to watch on Youtube is Josh Zander and his 'mysmartgolf' channel. 


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Here is my swing, I have been hitting everything extra high, so I have moved the ball a little bit back in my stance instead of how I had it forward before. I am not cupping my wrist as much up at the top, and I am trying to push off my back foot more instead of letting the club bring me to a finish. Please take a look and let me know if any suggestions. Played my first round yesterday shot a 78. I was short on 6 greens by 5 yds. Again everything was going straight up and dropping straight down. Avg drive carry was 265ish carry, 7 iron was only 165yds, use to be 173yds. So that is why I am trying lower ball flight to make it penetrate, incase of wind instead of ballooning. Here I am in Michigan, just using a 6 irons they had at the course.

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Gained ton of distance lost accuracy please help

This season has been a bumpy roller coaster. My swing has changed a ton since the beginning of the season. This is my 2nd year playing golf competitively and I still have a lot to learn. My swing thoughts for my swing are as follows, turn right shoulder, hinge and then the rest I just let be. My driver I am hitting about 295 carry, 9 iron about 160 yds, 56 wedge about 120 yds. I rather lose distance and get my accuracy back. I use to be pin point accurate with my irons and I have lost that throughout the season. Any Ideas looking at my swings will greatly help. By the way Happy thanksgiving.



Wedge DTL



Driver DTL



9 Iron DTL



9 Iron Front

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Some pictures...








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What drills should I do to work on what you are saying.
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