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Cleveland Wedge Question

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Hey guys, I am looking at a few different wedges, does anyone have feedback as far as which ones they think would be best?  I realize one is much cheaper but that might not be a good thing, I dont know, any feedback?  Both are 50 degrees which is around where I want to be


1. VMInnovations.com - Cleveland Hi-Bore XLI 50 degree Gap Dual Wedge ($36 plus 8% coupon)

Link: http://www.vminnovations.com/product_9871/Cleveland-Hi-bore-Xli-50-Gap-Dual-a-Wedge-Golf-Club.html


2. Dicks Sporting Goods - CG15 Satin Wedge ($119.99)

Link: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3980644&sizeID=7139952&cid=CSE:GooglePlusbox


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IMO the CG15's are very nice, but slightly overpriced. There are many options that fall between the two that you have posted that would likely work fine for you. Also, the HiBore wedge is some sort of game improvement style wedge which I don't believe will help you too much down the road.


If you like Cleveland, check out a CG14:




Less than the CG15 by $40 and still a great wedge.

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Recent Cleveland wedges seem to be following a pattern:


CG12 and CG15 models are very similar in design and look; more of a blade.


CG14 and CG16 models are very similar, somewhat larger heads and a slight perimeter weighting - CG16 feels like CG14 minus the gold gel insert in back of clubhead. I play CG14s, really like the feel. At a recent Golf Expo, I won a round of golf by popping a CG16 SW shot into a 8" hole in a target board. What helped - CG16 felt almost identical, had same trajectory as my CG14.


I tested both CG12s and CG14s before I got new wedges. I really liked both, but went with CG14 hoping the gel inserts would remove some shock, put less strain on my tendons.


CG12 and CG15 have a slightly smaller head; can't really tell unless you put them side-by-side with CG14 or CG16.

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