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I was a Ping staff member in the 70's and 80's and the Best set of irons I ever played were Ping Eyes(not Eye2). I found a set on eBay over the winter and I am going to reshaft them soon. I am too old and my bad hands won't let me hit stiff steel shafts anymore.

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I've played the eye2's, Zing2's, ISI's, i5's, S58's, i10's, G10's, i15's and now the Ansers.


All were good clubs but the i15's and Ansers are my favorites. I think both sets offer a great blend of accuracy, playability and forgiveness. If you want to save some money, try the i15's. If money isn't an object and you want that forged feel, try the Ansers.


There really is no wrong answer when dealing with Ping irons. It just depends on what set fits you best.


Hope that helps.





wow, now you've had some PING experience.  i haven't had the chance to swing the Ansers yet but they look amazing.  if they feel half as good as they look, i can definitely see myself getting those clubs.  i also imagine they're the most similar to my 735's and my game.


thanks for the feedback.

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I got a set of Zing2s back in 1995 or 1996 and until this year they've been my irons.  I absolutely love these things.  They're incredibly forgiving and are durable as hell.  And even though they're my backup set now I still just reshafted and regripped them.

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I just recently got a set of PING G10's I know they're not the top of the line anymore but they worked really well for me and were in my price range. I am just waiting for the girlfriend to give me her half of the money cause they're my anniversary present. :) But anyways, I was hitting them at the range when trying them out and the ball just soared off the club for me. Very nice flight path and good distance. I was probably hitting the 7 iron around 165-175 atleast. And if I mishit it was around 150 with a very slight fade. It seemed like no matter what the balls just bunched up together. Really nice set of game improvement irons in my opinion.

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My first and only set of irons have been the Ping Eye 2's got them when I was a sophomore in high school and 5 years later I still love them.  They feel great and perform like new.  I play alot of rounds and I don't see bad wear on them.  But then again I take care of them very well.  I plan on playing these until they literally break or until I become a millionaire where I can buy every set out there.  The only other set of irons I have hit and liked are the Mizuno mp 58's.  I hit them in GG and they felt just like my eye 2's. 

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Playing old Pings is cool, just make sure you have a new ball

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I played Ping Eye 2's for over 20 years.

Now I have Ping G10's and they are great.

I've just recently bought Ping Tour-W wedges. 60-08, 56-10 and 52-12.

I'll let you know about them when I get a chance to hit 'em.

They feel really good to me.

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Bought my first set of Pings in 1988 - Ping Eyes...Have since had Ping ISI, Ping ISI Nickel, Ping I 5's, Ping S-58's, Ping I 10's, Ping I 15's and currently Ping S-56's.  I am a ping guy.  Tried some different irons this year before buying the S-56's and decided I am a Ping guy...23 years and counting.

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I play with a set of Ping I-10's 3-PW, the only thing I'd take back in making the purchase is putting out the money for the 2 iron as well.  Like somebody said earlier they're coming out with new models so fast now that i'm SOL cause I can't find one (white dot) anywhere.....I guess that comes with the territory when you're shopping on a discount budget.  I've only been playing for 3 years now but the set I started w/ (donated from a friend) just felt awkward so I coughed up and got some fitted.  Fitting went well and the more I play the more I fall in love with them.  I'm finally at a point where I feel comfortable trying to shape a shot or too and haven't had any trouble other than operator error.  All i can say is that even though my lack of funds has passed these will stay in the bag for many years to come.

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I have bought and played different clubs but I have always gone back to my Pings.


Still have my old set of PingEye2s black dot.  Although I did reshaft them (5 years ago) and went graphite (tipped between stiff/regular).  I always found myself coming back to the pings.  Whilst you chaps may have upgraded, I chose to stay with my Ping Eye 2s.  The only things that really change in my bag are my woods.  Right now playing with my reliable Titles 983K and a Sonartec NP-22 3 wood.  


Have to say though the prospect of custom clubs do .... interest me :D

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I know Pings were more popular in the past, you think they are still a good buy??  Thanks.

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Pings are a good buy if you find a good price on them :D Honestly though I dont think Ping has fallen out of favor I just think that since their designs are so classical and simple that many people just Keep their clubs longer. I have a Ping Rapture 3 wood from 2006 and I recently swung a G15 3 wood at GolfSmith's shop in NYC and I almost couldn't tell the difference. In my opinion once you get comfortable with Ping clubs they make it very very easy to stay with them  becuase getting a newer model is not as much of change. When my 2006 ping gets real beat up I can tell you I intend to upgrade it to another Ping 3 Wood.

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I've played a few Pings, ISIs, i3Blades (current), i10s that were too upright, and S57s that had the wrong shaft (I wasn't set up to do my own clubs back then, so traded a lot).


Recently tried the S56s and Ansers at a local demo day, and really liked the S56s. The Ansers are a mid(?) size head, I prefer a smaller blade, but don't play bad at all.


But, the S56 really didn't perform any better than my old i3 Blades, so I currently don't feel the need to upgrade yet. Maybe in a few years when I can buy them used (read cheaper) on Ebay?  :)

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When I bought my PingEye2s.  The cheapest price was around $25/iron.  Price is still about the same.  Just make sure the grooves are clean and they give a little spit and polish to the clubs you buy otherwise... lowball the price.  

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I love all things PING! PING Eye 2 irons, PING i3 woods, PING N-ECHO or B60 putter.

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Update: My i3s have been relegated to 'backup' status.


Found a very nice set of S57s on Ebay and just fired my low round of the year last Sunday.

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i3 Blades are awesome! Have played those for the last 9 years and just treated myself to some 20 year old Mizuno blades... Traitor haha

But seriously, the i3 blades go very cheap on eBay and I well recommend them
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I have the G2s but looking to upgrade to the G10/G15 soon. Anyway, I love them. Very forgiving and feel.
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