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Need a New Golf Bag

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Hey Guys,


I have never thought that picking out a new golf bag would be so difficult.  The first thing I cannot decide is if I want a cart bag or a stand bag.  The second choice is what bag in particular.  I am looking at the Callaway Org14 or the Callaway X22 bags,  The Ogio Grom, Sun Mountain four5, Ogio Sultan....


what should I be looking for in a bag??



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How often do you carry your bag? If you don't carry, I'd recommend a cart bag. I quit carrying my bag a couple years ago (my shoulders didn't like it.) and switched to a Ogio cart bag. I've never regretted it.

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I usually carry because I had a TaylorMade Tourino Stand bag.  However it would not take a lot for me to stop carrying.  I can rent pull carts at the courses around me for just a few bucks....I did not know if there was an advantage to one style over the other

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Carts bags are great if you ride or push a cart, as they tend to have larger pockets that are more accessible when attached to a cart than stand bags do.  I have one of each because the cart bags don't stand too well on their own, so when I go to the range or to putt and chip you have to lay the bag down unless there's a perfectly flat area that you can balance the cart bag base on. 


I have been looking at the Ogio Grom because it's a stand bag that looks like it's setup like a cart bag.  If you're looking at one bag to replace your stand/carry and use on carts that would be my choice right now. 

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If you are unsure about carrying/riding/pushing you could always go with that Sun Mountain Four5 you mentioned or the Titleist 14-way (essentially the same bag with a few minor changes and Titleist branding).  It is large enough that you can pretty much fit whatever you'd want to bring with you, it fits well on a cart and is still light enough that you can carry it.  It's what I use (the Titleist version) and I love it.

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I would go with the Sun Mountain Four5 if your more interested in carrying the bag. I mean SunMountain is first off known for their golf bags. But this is an extremely lightweight bag that is nice to carry around for 18 holes. Comfortable straps are the most important obviously so I would see which one you like better the SunMountain or Callaway X-22 both would be my pick. I saw them the other day for a reasonable price on GolfClubs.com if you are looking to buy one. Good Luck. 

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Just bought a Titliest 14-way a few weeks ago and came from a Ping Hoofer. Awesome bag. Have not had a chance to take it on the course but from what I can tell so far I will be more than pleased.


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alright....I have it narrowed down to the Ogio Grom Stand Bag and the Callaway x-22.  The ogio I am looking at is the 2010 model...same with the x-22

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Have you considered any Nike bags? I recently bought the Nike SQ Tour (2010 model) on clearance sale at Golf Galaxy for $159.  Its a stand bag, weighs 5 lbs and has 14 full length dividers. 

Plenty of pockets and very nice looking.  The strap system is very comfortable if you walk.  The 14 divider system is a must have once you experience it.

Built in cooler pocket holds 4 cans of your favorite beverage.


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one word of caution about using a cart bag on a push cart. With most Cart bags the woods are in the back, and the irons/shorter clubs are in the front. When you lay the bag in a pull/push cart, you're laying the back into the cart, which would make the woods on the bottom and the irons on the top whch would make the clubs more difficult to take out of the bag and/or potentially damage shafts.

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Well.....I was between the Callaway X22 or the Ogio Grom bag and ended up with the Nike SQ Tour Stand Bag.....

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Good choice I have used one for a while now and find it great to carry or on my cart!!
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great choice. hope you enjoy it. 

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The Nike SQ Tour Stand bag just came in the mail today.  I must say that at first glance I am in love, but only time will tell how I will like the 14 way divider.  I cannot wait to take it out whenever this rain stops.

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