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BALLS !!!!!!

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What balls are you playing at the moment and how much do you pay !


Currently playing PRO V1 and pay €20 for 3


But been practising with TM penta TP at €18 for 3


i find the TP stands up to a bit more abuce where as the face of the Pro V1 gets cut up more by a hard wedge

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I buy whatever tour quality ball I can get for the least amount of money. Right now that would be Niki Tours.

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Pro v1/v1x practice balls for 20 quid a doz.

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I tried my first sleeve of new ProV1's yesterday.  This is the first time I'd hit them other than a found one. I must say, even with my mediocre skills, I can feel the difference. They are a cut above everything else I have tried except maybe Zstars and at least equal to those.  Only problem is a sleeve cost almost what I pay for 2 dozen Noodle practice, so don't think they'll be my everyday ball anytime soon.

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Right now in the wet and cold of WA, either the D2 Feel 2 dz for $18 (2 for 1 special) or the Gamer v2 also 2 dz for $18 (same special).  Played 18 yesterday, 9 with each ball, and other than the Gamer putting better on slow greeens, they both played quite well.  When things warm up and firm up, I switch to TM TP Red's that I got for $21 during the Walmart clearance. 

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Noodle Tour LTD.  I only bought a dozen though and now I can't find them anymore.  Its a shame they are pretty nice and I only paid $12 for the dozen.


Probably going to get some Srixon AD-333's from lostgolfballs.com soon.

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I use TaylorMade Burner Tour for general playing and Srizon Z-Stars/TaylorMade Penta for any tournament rounds.

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It's a toss up between Top Flite Gamer V2 - $20 a dozen and Precept Laddie X - $24 for two dozen.
I got a bunch of the Gamers the other day for $8 a dozen because they were on clearance.


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