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Inexpensive Club Options

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Short Version: Give me ideas where I can find inexpensive clubs online.


Long Version: I'm returning to the game of golf after 7 or so years away (There was some sporadic playing in those 7 years, but nothing regular). Basically, I need to get some new clubs, but I'm not good enough, nor do I make enough money to justify spending thousands of dollars on new clubs.


I've bought a few clubs from callawaygolfpreowned.com. I'm satisfied for the most part-- I bought an original Big Bertha Driver for only $9 and it's the best thing I've ever had, but I know technology has far exceeded what was used on that original Big Bertha. I also have a need for new irons. But I've never used all my irons in a set (3-PW). I only use the 7 and 9 irons. Buying a whole set would be a waste of money for me. And I'm left-handed, making clubs hard to find. I'm not apposed to buying used clubs, but can't help but think that there's a "new club" alternative.


I did try a 9 iron from Giga Golf, and though I was impressed with the quality, I'm still a little skeptical. I've read a couple reviews where those clubs break after a year or so. And plus, when it's time to update clubs, I doubt anyone will buy the Giga Golf (or any other clone) clubs from me. I guess those clone clubs don't have a good reputation. I'd be stuck with those clubs. (But some will always be willing to spend some money on a Callaway.)


I also live in the middle of nowhere. I do have a golf course close to me, but no pro shop or anything. In fact, the closest place where I can get golf clubs (excluding Walmart) is about an hour and a half drive from me. Online is my BEST option.


So, with all that in mind, where are some good places to find inexpensive clubs online? I'm not too big on the name of the brand, just as long as it's reputable. Retailer. Direct-To-Customer. Whatever.




And yes, this is my first-ever post here. Go easy on me.

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First off, welcome to The Sand Trap!


As for online sales, I suggest trying one of sponsors: Nailed It Golf. Not only do they have their Deal of the Day but they also have a pretty good selection of closeout, name brand golf equipment to choose from.


Good luck!



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ask questions about the seller here first

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Personally, I stay away from online purchases for very inexpensive things, just because I don't want to deal with the headaches if it turns out to be a scam of some sort.  I've used CallawayGolfPreowned a couple times and have been quite happy, but I wouldn't consider it to be cheap.  Cheaper than new, yes, but you can pretty easily find better deals for equivalent used gear.  However, for me, I will pay the extra in exchange for having a bit more confidence in the other side of the transaction.


For very cheap used stuff, I tend to stick to in-person buys.  There are a couple of independent golf shops around here that carry used stuff at good prices (big places like GolfSmith are more or less like Callaway---not cheap).  I also swing by Play-It-Again Sports every now and then.  The only trick with these places is being patient because the stock is limited.  Also, it's a good idea to either really know your gear before you go in so you can spot the deals, or to remember a few items, look them up later, and then go back.

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Ebay and 3balls.com.

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You don't need name brand.  Component brands, like Snake Eyes, CER, KE4, Acer, Dynacraft, KZG, etc., all offer the EXACT SAME QUALITY as the guys with the huge advertising budgets.  Does playing something other than Callaway make you not a winner (since "winners play Callaway" according to their ads)?  I laugh at that.


Here's a little covered up truth about golf club manufacturing: they are ALL made in the SAME 10-12 foundries in China and Taiwan by the SAME people, with the SAME machines, to the SAME quality standards.  Forged models are made in the same forging houses in China and Japan.  So, do you REALLY think you're getting something "better" by buying from the "big boys"?  Hardly.


There are a plethora of options.  I have personal experience with Pinemeadow, and I really liked them.  I only switched out because I went through that "If I want to be a 'real' golfer, I gotta play name brands!" phase.  Big mistake.  I have no personal experience with GigaGolf, but I've heard some good things.  Something to consider: the Scotty Cameron Newport, the one almost everyone seems to fawn over, is a knockoff Ping Anser.  Simple as that.  It's why Cameron and Mizuno parted ways way back when... Mizuno didn't want to make an Anser clone.  Cameron did.  Another thing: Cleveland Golf started out as a clone company... now look where they are.  So, you never know.  These "big boys" aren't guaranteed to be around forever.  Look at Ram, Top-Flite, Spalding, Ben Hogan... they were all major players on Tour who fell to the wayside.  It isn't feasible to think it couldn't happen to a Titleist or Callaway.


About the component brands: I have personal experience with Acer.  They absolutely are inline with any of the "big boys" (Nike, TMaG, Callaway, Adams, Tour Edge, Cleveland) that I've gamed.  I would recommend them in a heartbeat, especially if you were left-handed.  Their LH selection is much greater than any other component brand.  If you're RH, there's still an awesome selection.


If you have your heart set on "name brands" (everyone has the right to buy what they want, afterall), look to Ebay.  Rockbottom, Golf Etail and 3ballsgolf are all dependable Ebay sellers.  I try to stick with sellers with >98.5 approval rating.  Don't sweat the age, either.  Driver technology has been maxed out since 2006.  Other than the adjustability thing (which isn't a necessity) you'll still have all the bells and whistles.  Iron technology is even older.  Because the consumer has dictated what constitutes "normal", the blueprint for iron design hasn't changed much.  Make toplines and soles too thick, and they don't sell.  Make blade length too long, the don't sell.  Put too much offset in the hosels, they don't sell.  So, designers are kind of hamstrung... which leads to little in the way of innovation.  Same with wedges and putters... if you see a great deal on a 2009 club, grab it.  You find a set of Ping Eye 2's in good condition at a great price?  Snatch it up, they were a great design then, they still are today. 

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Originally Posted by Justin View Post

You don't need name brand.  Component brands, like Snake Eyes, CER, KE4, Acer, Dynacraft, KZG, etc., all offer the EXACT SAME QUALITY as the guys with the huge advertising budgets.


Some of those brands are Hireko, ain't they? I gave serious thought to them... I'm still giving serious thought. I am left-handed, and I was impressed with their left-hand selection. They have a couple models of hybrids I was looking at. I just couldn't really find any info on them, other then what's on their website. Reading this, I'm thinking about them even more.


As I think I wrote in my original post (not sure if I did, I'll have to reread it), brand name doesn't concern me in regards to playability. I know a Dynacraft or a Giga Golf will usually work just fine for a guy with my skills... or lack there of. I guess I'm just a little concern about durability. What's the lifespan on these type of clubs?


I'm also slightly concern about not being able to sell those types of clubs when I decide to upgrade after a few years, but the more and more I think about it, the less I'm concern.


As I wrote above, I have a Giga Golf 9 iron I bought, well, mostly to just do it. I like it! I can see myself going back to them... not exclusively, but they'll have my business in the future.


Pinemeadow is another place I'm looking at. It's nice to read someone else bring them up.


Outside of Acer and Dynacraft (Hireko?), who are the manufactures for the other brands mentioned? I remember some of them from my interweb research I've done. As I wrote above, I live in the middle of nowhere. We have a golf course (9 holes, artificial greens), but no pro shops or anything. Online is pretty much my best option.


Thanks, much appreciated...


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All-righty. I appreciate everyone's response to this. All the suggestions I've gotten so far solidifies what I kind of already knew (Golfworks, Ebay, etc.). Just glad to read that other people are suggesting those places.

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The clubs in my bag consist of:


Nickent- Driver, 23* hybrid


Nike- 4wd


Callaway- 20* Hybrid


Titleist- pw-7


GigaGolf- Putter, 56* Wedge, 6-4 iron


There is no difference in quality, craftsmanship, or durability from the GigaGolf's to any of my other clubs, in fact except for the Titliest the GigaGolf's are the oldest clubs in my bag.  The most expensive club in my bag was the 4wd and it was under $80.  I bought everything new except for the Nickent Hybrid (marketplace at Sandtrap) and the Titleist (inherited)



Equipment does not have to be expensive

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Originally Posted by Angera View Post

All-righty. I appreciate everyone's response to this. All the suggestions I've gotten so far solidifies what I kind of already knew (Golfworks, Ebay, etc.). Just glad to read that other people are suggesting those places.

If looking at ebay, look at seller ratings, club ratings, and shipping costs. Those can add up.

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Check out the large retailers like Golfsmith and Edwin Watts, they have a used club section online.  While I have never bought used clubs from them, they are very good with customer satifaction and if you are not happy or want something different I'm sure they would work with you to make you happy.  Also, I have purchased from Callaway preowned and was very happy with what they had, Taylormade also has a preowned line that you might check out.

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Rockbottomgolf.com !



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They have both used and new as well as open box for decent discounts on newer clubs.

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eBay, RockBottomGolf, 3ballsgolf, GlobalGolf, and Callaway Preowned are all great suggestions.  As others have said, if you choose to go the eBay route make sure that you buy from a reputable seller.  I myself have had great experiences from eBay and RockBottomGolf.

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enter code LEFT25 for 25% off used left handed clubs!

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Originally Posted by domc36 View Post

Rockbottomgolf.com !



Ive bought multiple items from them, prices are hard to beat and usually get the item within 3 days of placing an order.   Many times they have free shipping promotions if you spend a certain amount of money like $75 or more.   They have an ebay store as well, sometimes offering best offer auctions.  I like those, its a buy it now auction but you can make a lower offer and see if they will accept it, getting an even better deal but the offer usually has to be within a reasonable amount of the original price.   Thats how i bought my recent  Taylormade Burner 420 driver.   The seller wanted $40 for it, i offered $25 and i guess that was close enough so he accepted.  


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I stumbled upon Rockbottomgolf.com awhile back. I guess I kind of dismissed it for some reason. Now I know to take the place seriously. Thanks.


And I'll check out Globalgolf.com

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I would get the Wilson Staff Di9 irons.  I've seen them for as low as $199 on sale and they are nice and you have to trust that they are made to the same standards as the other guys.  I'm often tempted to grab a set.


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