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Best drivers in 2011 so far??

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I'm looking to replace my old r7 cgb max driver with something new 

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what about the R11 or the new Burner?  If you use R 7, I am sure you are used to the "adjustments" of TM's clubs.  I do like their designs, although I don't know how I would react with the white club head under the sun.  Let me know what you think of these clubs.


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I thought the r11 was ok, but i haven't used the adjustments on my r7 so im not sure i would use them on the r11. I haven't tried the new burner but one driver i really like is the callaway razr hawk

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Good for you.  I got club fitted for Callaway once.  Just somehow, none of the clubs fit me.  I just cannot hit them well.  So I gave up on Callaway.  Maybe it's psychological.



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I have one for you. I played titleist drivers all through high school and college. Played college golf for 4 years with a 905 S. I loved the thing, but didn't realize how much distance (hotter faces, longer, lighter clubs) and accuracy (higher MOI) I was missing...Until I hit a Cleveland SL290 this spring. The Miyazaki shaft is straight butter. I can not believe how much better my ball flight is with the 290 vs the 905. probably 10 yards farther and a lot straighter. plus I can work the ball when I need to. I would go check it out.  

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Ping K15 = end of thread

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Out of all the drivers I've hit, the Adams Speedline F11 was the best, Ping K15 was a close second


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Thanks for all the recommendation.  I am using TM Burner right now.  I got tested with both the R9 and Burner.  The computer tells me when I hit the R9, I got 4,000 RPM on my spin.  But when I hit Burner, I only got 2800 RPM.  So it's the Burner for me.  I had tried my friend's Titleist and it's superb!  Except he wont' tell me which model at the time ;-)

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Best thing to do is just try them all out and see which you like best.


Or if you like a certain brand / look, you buy that and get used to it.


Everyone has their own personal pref.

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If I bought a driver this year it would be the Cobra S3, or the Burner 2.0.
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Mizuno JPX-800.  Its such an easy club to hit well.

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Just my two cents, RAZR Hawk Tour was one driver I couldnt leave the course without buying. Cant stand the white heads of the new Taylormades.

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I loved the razr hawk when i hit it also, best feeling driver i have ever hit. I also preferred the impact sound over the r11 which made a weird sound

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The Razr is an incredible club.  As soon as I picked it up it felt great, and then it hit even better.

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