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OHIO People where are you?

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I live in Dayton and I don't have very many friends that are into golf as much as I am, so they get tired of me bugging them to go play :(


Its the start of the year and I've already resorted to just going it alone.  I need some people to hit the links with!!  It'll be nice to start atleast a group of people to travel around with on the weekends and play. 


Let's get it started.

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Im from Youngstown...Completely across the State

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Yea... that is the COMPLETE opposite side of the state, but I go to Cleveland every now and then. 

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Well message me next time your in Cleveland, maybe we could find a course that works for both of us and golf a round!


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I'm in Cleveland. Used to live in Dayton, and when I did, I wasn't playing golf.

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Canton area resident here.  We have some really nice local public courses - Chippewa (Doylestown), Legends (Massillon), The Sanctuary, The Quarry (HIGH end 'target golf' course).....and some really good, decent 'cheap golf' like Lyon's Den, Tam O' Shanter, Turkeyfoot Lakes and The Elms CC.  Heck, Firestone's public nine is a ten minute ride from my house if you want to say you 'played Firestone' (not the north, south, or west courses - just a nice little nine-hole track they have for the public on the far north end of the property).....hahaha.


If you are in the area, or passing through, drop me a PM and I'd be glad to host a round with you.  I cover a sales territory and pretty much make my own schedule, so I'm usually available with a few days warning.

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Thanks for all the replies.  I'll be sure to shoot you guys a PM next time I'm in NE Ohio area.

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Bump! I'm in North Canton...


Home course is The Fairways at Arrowhead. It used to be Arrowhead Country Club before it went public 4-5 years ago. I also play alot at The Sanctuary, Seven Hills, The Legends, Tam O'Shanter, and Mayfair CC. The Quarry(#4 public course in Ohio) is about 15 minutes from me. Never played there but I'm organizing an Ohio Outing on GolfWRX next season so I'm really excited to play there and have heard alot of good things.

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I'd be into a NEOH-oriented outing of TST'ers. Any other takers?

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I live in Piqua, Hit me up when ever . We play from March until the snow comes , we are going to Saint Pete next month . Also you should go to the EXPO the weekend of the 28th in CBUS .



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I'm in Mason about 45 minutes from Dayton airport.
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THE SUBURBS OF CLEVELAND! that's the hoodf1_cool.gif

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I moved to Orlando!


Originally from Cuyahoga Falls. Played the hell out of Sleepy Hollow, Brandywine, Good Park, Windmill Lakes, Valley View growing up. Still get back there every summer. HIGHLY underrated area for good golf. My gosh - Hawk's Nest, Legends of Massillon, Chenoweth, Tam O'Shanter, Mayfair, The Met courses (Manakiki, Sleepy Hollow), Turkeyfoot (great greens), Fox Den, Tannenhauf, Brookledge, Maplecrest, Roses Run...


...to name but a few a3_biggrin.gif

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