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Originally Posted by jgreen85 View Post

Why do you say "could probably use a driver fitting"? The driver was a bit long, long irons were spot on, and short irons were short for me. I guess it depends on a person's definition of "average." I'm 6'0, 190lbs, is that average height/weight? I play to a 15; is that sometimes erratic or average? I'm hoping you have good news for me in that a driver fitting will add 25-35 yards to my drives.

The calculator is mostly for entertainment, but I always take yardage gaps into consderation when putting together a set. I have some older setups where the driver is 25 yards short of my G10 or my Callaway, but for those drivers, I'd refer to the vintage section (the area with brassie and cleek).


There's more to that calculator than just 5-iron distance.  You can tweak the numbers a bit by changing some of the personal data. Discrepancies may depend on your equipment. Other than my newer driver and 3-wood, all my equipment is pretty old school and I suspect the calculator is based on traditional lofts.  Maybe you're not hitting your driver shorter. Maybe you're hitting your 5-iron really far?!?

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Almost exact for me.


Driver and Woods are a bit shorter than what I usually hit, Irons are perfect, and the Wedges are a tad longer that what I hit.

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Originally Posted by zeg View Post

No more accurate for me than just assuming about 10 yards per club (it "calculated" 13 yards IIRC). It over-estimated my driver pretty substantially. Cute.

Ditto, wasn't to far off on the irons.  But the 3wood was a little longer and the driver a lot longer than my distances.  I hit the short irons a little longer and woods shorter than most with my swing speed.  If you are new and trying to forecast what you possible length you could aspire to that  might have some value.


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it was pretty accurate but i play titleist blades wich tend to be a bit shorter then a cavity back improvment club wich i could hit a 9i 150 i hit a 8i 150 with the blades somtimes a 7 depending on wind i thing 3 wood and driver were kinda short whick 3 wood usally goes 270-280 and driver tends to go 300+ down wind about 330 -350 in florida without much roll but pretty good calculations

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Was spot on with driver and 5-wedge, but 2 and 3 were way shorter. I have an oddity that I can figure out. I can hit my 2 iron 250 average just like my driver ?

3-iron is real close to 2 i-ron. I think it has to do with no matter what I hit, it goes a mile high. 10.5* ,2 and 3 iron within a few yds. of each other and look like they

are going into orbit. Total almost always carry plus 10 ?

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Irons below 6 are a little off, about 5-7 yards a club

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Well that explains it!


I've been hitting half a club too long with my PW-7 iron.  ...almost exactly what this says I hit. 


Maybe my mental yardage is off?



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Nope, for some reason I get 7 iron distance of about 180 but above that I get massive declines, driver cary is 250 max :(

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works for me when it's calm out, can't figure out when wind gets over 10 miles an hour.

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3 wood (metal) is long, 7 iron-pw is 5-10 yards short but cool calculator 

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It was really close for a couple of clubs (hit the number exactly for one club) but others were a ways off. The only thing about these calculators that I don't like is the fact that they assume a swing that's about the same for every club in the bag. I know that my driver swing is not quite as mechanically sound as my irons, or even quite as good as my 3-wood, but a lot of these calculators will assume that they're the same. However this one appears to be the best I've seen just because it does ask things about your consistency and playing style, which does make it a bit more accurate than the rest.

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I inputted a 165-yard 5 iron. Calculator gave 12-yard gaps between iron distances, I have closer to 10.


Driver calculations a bit long (+10?), and 7W about 20 yards short.

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