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loomis golf shafts? on golf channel?

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i had a thread earlier on trying to find a golf shaft to replace my wilson smooth drivers fuji 360 efit.


loomis golf shafts? the one thing some were as unsure about as i am. But literally just seconds ago as i was signing on i saw these shafts on golf channel's *champions tour learning center". custom collegiate sponsored shafts in driver, fairway, and putter shafts. Still curious if anybody has used it? tried it? they apparently had a successful history and recently have had success winning 2 fedex cup tournaments or something. (not mentioned which tournaments, which made me skeptical)


anybody know anything?



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wouldn't surprise me as Loomis makes some of the finest (and prohibitively expensive) graphite fishing rods - getting into golf club shafts would make sense.

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G Loomis used to make golf shafts, at the time they were considered pretty high end shafts. I still have one laying around in an old golfsmith driver head I built.  I think I assembled that club in 1997, and have no clue when they stopped making golf shafts.  They were used extensively on tour, and for pros who used graphite in their irons, it was almost always G Loomis.


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I've used some Loomis fishing rods. I had no idea they ever were in the golf industry. Anyone have pics?

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 A Google search reveals Aldila  bought the golf part of "G Loomis" and is using "Loomis" to sell shafts with the names of football teams on them.


"G Loomis" still makes fishing rods with a much nicer looking website then the golf shafts.b1_ohmy.gif

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Dear Brad,


Just replying to your old message about Loomis Golf Shafts. GLoomis was a very successful golf shaft brand back in the 90's and they were popular with their composite iron shafts. Aldila bought them back in the 90's and had 5 years to use the brand name and they decided to kill the brand. These "collegiate" shafts are a start in bringing the brand back to the marketplace. The composite wood shaft was designed as a "high Launch", mid spin product. Many golfers that have tested the shaft see an increase in ball speed when testing on launch monitors compared to other shafts. Their steel decorated products are a True Temper Dynamic Gold wedge shaft and a True Temper step-less steel putter shaft.

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