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Originally Posted by rasky44 View Post

When you guys use the compressor method do you still put a little grip tape on the end to help seal the end of the shaft or is this unnecessary?

It is completely unnecessary, regardless of installation method.

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still put the tape on the end, it makes sliding easier.  i've also blown grips on with the water soluable tape and air and have been able to swing them right away instead of waiting for the solvent to dry.  a little water on the end of the opening is all that's needed, even with Winns.

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I've been putting my own grips on since I was 12. I do it the way my dad taught me and like his dad taught him. (I did add something for efficiency and less consumption) It's super cheap and easy.

Supplies: Grip tape, lighter fluid, two cereal bowls or tupperware.

After removing the old grip and tape, put the desired amount of tape on the grip and peel off back.

Use your finger to block the little hole in the grip and squirt lighter fluid in. Fill for about 7 seconds. Then cover both ends and shake the grip to disperse lighter fluid.

Next, put the club upside down in the bowl angled so that the shaft is in a corner.

Pour lighter fluid out of grip down the tape on the shaft, rotating as you pour.

(My addition to the process)= Since you used the bowls, after the first grip, you'll have extra lighter fluid in one of the bowls. Simply use that as extra fluid when pouring on the tape to make it easier.

*Sorry for length. Turned out it's easier said than typed.*

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Originally Posted by rasky44 View Post

When you guys use the compressor method do you still put a little grip tape on the end to help seal the end of the shaft or is this unnecessary?


Originally Posted by Zeph View Post

It is completely unnecessary, regardless of installation method.


That, and once you insert the air nozzle, it will not only pierce the tape, but when you apply the air any "seal" it made will be toast anyhow.


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Thanks fellas.

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thats because the videos are ALL done with over sized grips...they NEVER go on that smooth. I like the idea of heating the grip.

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My installation process (I don't have a compressor, workbench, clamp, pouring tray or anything else fitters use) which I've never had issue with yet:

- Cut tape to the correct length for the grip.
- Stick the center of the tape (along the length of the shaft) onto the shaft leaving 1/2in extra loose at the end.
- Rub the tape with a curved finger from the center outward toward the short edges until half is stuck correctly and repeat for the other half until it's wrapped around the shaft completely.
- Peel back the tape to reveal the sticky side and pinch and twist the overhang, pushing it down into the butt of the shaft loosely.
- Put a tee in the small hole in the end of the grip and fill the grip up with mineral spirits to the top.

- Rest the end of the taped shaft in a small pot and gently pour the mineral spirits out of the grip over the tape and let it run down into the pot, turning the shaft while pouring to make sure it's all been covered with spirits.
- Turn the club over and put the head of the club on the floor, pull out the tee from the grip and quickly slide the grip down over the tape as squarely as possible.
- Make sure the grip's as down as it can be and make any adjustments to twists and misalignments when still wet.
- Leave to dry (normally I leave mine until the next day)

If I fitted grips enough I'd invest in a compressor as they're MUCH easier to install! lol

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I've found good old fashioned lighter fluid works as good as anything. Tried it after I saw Arnie use it. Dries pretty quick too.
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Avoid the hassle, heat your grips in hot water. They slide on using (very cheap) mineral spirits and you can align easily with lots of time before they set.

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Originally Posted by Clambake View Post

...  I've found best results if I hold my finger over the little vent hole at the butt end of the grip, pour a little solvent into the grip, cap the other end with a finger and then shake it around to get the inside of the grip nice and coated.    I then pour out the solvent from inside the grip onto the shaft to wet the tape, and slide it right on. ... 


Classic grip-ology!

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I always use the conventional methods to get grips on - grip tape, wet it with what we call white spirit in the UK, shake a little of the white spirit up and down the insides of the grip with my finger on the butt end to cover the hole and another finger on the other end - tip out on the garden(not on plants) and then just push the grip on. Dead easy so long as you have a piece of grip tape over the sharp end of the shaft to stop it digging into the grip.

Do not use petrol / gas as this has 'diluted' some Karakal putter grips I was putting on. The outer layer started to come off immediately and over a week or so the grip was in a terrible state - so no more petrol for me.

Removing grips - my easy no compressor way. Buy a refil container of cigarette ligher fuel - the gas 'aerolsol' one not the old fashioned pertol lighter fuel. Take one of the adaptors that fits tightly into the end hole of the grip. With one of those childrens hypodermic medicine dispensers ( the ones that look like a hypodernic without the needle) fill it with about half a teaspoon of white spirit and 'inject' this through the butt end hole of the grip (make a hole in the grip tape first if it is sealing the shaft tube). Stick the lighter fuel cannister with adaptor onto the end of the grip holding the shaft (clubhead up to the sky) through the hole and pressthe cannister as though filling a lighter - the gas will fill the shaft and start to expand the grip taking the fluid white spirit up the sides of the grip unsticking it as it goes up. Wear glassesor something to protech your eyes because like a compressor all this can go bang in your face - you wantnto protect your eyes. Pull the cannister off - white spirit and gass will pop out - pull the grip off. job done - same as a compressor but way cheaper.
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Chris, doesn't the white spirit just sit at the bottom of the shaft when it's poured in? I get the aerosol filling the shaft and then pushing down the inside of the grip; that makes complete sense but my brain can't work out how the fluid pours down the inside if it's at the bottom (head end) of the shaft?

I'm asking because I've spent hours mucking around with a Golfsmith grip remover and mineral spirits getting grips off to replace. :/

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