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Poll Results: What is the best way to gain those extra yards when your on a budget?

Poll expired: May 7, 2011  
  • 17% (5)
    Callaway, Titleist, or Ping clubs with new grips, new balls, and probably a new bag to hold them!!!
  • 82% (24)
    A Lesson on course managment!!!
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I just purchased a complete set of new clubs (15 of them) and a Ogio bag (used once) all for the cost of $600.00.  I am very excited about this purchase.  They aren't name brand clubs but when I ordered them they fit the clubs to my exact specifications, also with the grips, shafts, and heads that I chose.  For now, I am considered a weekend worrior wanting to improve my game on these clubs then eventually down the road get a more advanced set.  They are clone clubs that I got from Turbo Power Golf.  I know some of you are very against clones, but for as much as I play these clubs are going to suit me just perfect.


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I usually will buy stuff new that came out a couple of years before. Bought the 06 Nike Ignite irons in 08 for 300 cdn. ,  06 Callaway x series 3 and 5 woods in 08 for 70 cdn a piece. This past winter bought an 09 Big Bertha Diablo driver for 140 cdn. Compared to the newest gear you cans save quite a bit this way and still play fairly decent stuff.

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