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Forum signature

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Does anyone know how to put a signature at the bottom of your threads in the forums?






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In order to have a signature, you must:
Have made posts that span a full seven days.
Have 10 published posts that clear or are validated in our anti-spam tool.

That's it. If you have 10 published posts and have made one post at least seven days after your first post, you should be able to create a signature. If you cannot, please send iacas a Private Message (PM).




Once you get there, you can edit it at the bottom of your profile page.

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Does that include replies or just new threads?

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Include any post, replies as well as new threads.

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Are you notified in some way if/when you've met the signature threshold? 

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I was wondering why i couldnt do this haha

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Thanks.    That removes the confusion.    Joel

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