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Callaway FT-9/ Titleist 909d2

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Wonder if anyone has an opinion on either of these drivers. I originally had a King Cobra ss370 (year 2003). It served me well but with a regular flex I was probably losing a few yards and last year picked up a fairly cheap Cleveland Launcher 330 (year ~2004) which a stiff shaft that added some 25 yards to my drives.


With the potential to just try one of the drivers below and sell them on if they aren't an improvement which of these would you go for. Or should I consider other options. I'm looking at clubs that are a couple of years old and hopefully 100gbp or less.


Lastly, considering technology - is it likely that in getting a newer driver that I will notice much increase in distance when the driver I currently use was good at the time but is now 7 years old - the cleveland.





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If I had to pick I'd go with the Diamana shafted Callaway driver.  Is the 8.5° loft too low for you?

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I use 8.5* loft on my cleveland launcher stiff flex. It went further than my King Cobra which was 11* reg flex. I've never been fitted so I don't really know if it is optimal loft but I am fairly confident that I strike the ball better with a stiff shaft.


To a certain extent there is some trial and error involved and I can relist on ebay without much loss if there is no increase in performance.


Might for for the Callaway if you think the shaft is worth it.

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How far do you hit the Launcher?  The 8.5° is suited for a long hitter.

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I try to be realistic about distances. The Launcher was about 215 carry meaning that with the launcher my average distance in total was probably about 235. I have no doubt if I said that I drive the ball on average 260 you would not doubt that I have the distance but there are so many variables here. In Ireland the air seems quite dense, the fairways are quite soggy and the equipment we are talking about is 7 years old.


I bought the Callway and I'll report back how it performs.

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Definitely an improvement by 25 yards or so and feels very forgiving. Not sure I get the most out of the 8.5* loft but time could change that as I strive to imrpove. That said it was very windy last night on the course- as it often is and who is too say what impact that was having. I believe the low ball flight helped but give me a calm day and I'd like to see what more I can do.


Fiarly sure I can average 245 with this, which as a genuine average including poorer strikes, shots into the wind etc really is good enough for my liking.

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Glad to hear you're getting more distance out of the Callaway driver.  The lower launch will help you keep the ball under the wind.  Plus you'll get more roll out with a lower trajectory.


If you want to hit it higher - on a calm day - you could open your stance, aim left, and hit a power fade.

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