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Still very much at the grooving my swing stage however, cant do much without an iron set b3_huh.gif


Recently sold my Mizuno Zoid Pro II (Musclebacks) set because I was sold them with jumbo grips (which I wasnt aware of at point of sale) so I am now looking to invest in a set and stick with them until I am nothing less than a mid handicapper.


I seen a 3-SW set of used original Callaway FT for sale yesterday (£275), never played with graphite shafts before but it felt extremely comfortable.


I've read further into it and apparently the wide sole FT irons are actually easier to hit than the originals and I've spotted a set of them available on EBay.


If it helps give advice, I am 5'6", working on slowing my down swing speed down dramatically to improve contact.


I just wanted to know if these clubs are as forgiving as what a lot of the reviews say they are and of course an ideal set of weapons for a beginner to develop their game with and keep for around 5 years.


Sorry if I have missed vital information out.