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I played them just two days, the 20xi-x shot a even par front and back nice implosion, did the same today with the same ball with the implosion occurring on the front this time.....decided to change to my old ball, Z-Star.  I agree with you......the ball feels like the balls you compared them to....i will not play them again...will stick with my softer feeling golf balls, and forget about the 20Xi even if they should make a softer ball.....thanks

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I played a round with the s version for the first time yesterday and really liked them. They feel a little hard off the tee but I was able to shape it the way I wanted in general (I only hit 6/14 fairways but they were all in ok position and two of those misses were because I took too much club and ran out of fairway on a couple of doglegs). Considering I had to hit alot of shots from the rough I was surprised how much spin I was able to generate, didn't have any bother holding the greens from the rough. Around the greens I was really impressed, you can just hit them in low and will bounce, check and release a few feet which to me is ideal. Made 2/2 sand saves which is unheard of for me. Putting takes a bit of getting used to, I had 30 putts which is fine but that was more down to my short game because I missed some easy ones too.
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Thanks for the detailed review.  IMO a golfer needs to have a certain level of consistency in ball-striking before he/she should proclaim a ball effective/not effective.  If you are above a 5 handicap, how do you know whether it is your swing or the ball that failed to perform?


IMO, I tend to listen to the low handicappers when it comes to ball reviews and discard the musings of a 25.  That person has no idea what a consistent swing feels like, let alone be consistent enough to rate the effectiveness of a ball.


How does it make any sense to rate a ball on a poorly executed swing?  Should NIKE, TITLEIST, ...etc  develop a ball that performs well on a shank?

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played the 20xi-s this summer and really liked it, long and strong off the tee, lots of spin off the irons very good for shaping your shots, good stopping power, great around the greens.  My only complaint is they sound like a rock off the driver, feel is fine but the sound makes you cringe.  Not as noticeable off the irons, again a little harsh sounding but great feel, I play Bridgestone J33 blades and no complaints

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I love the 20xi, I have only played the S version and I haven't gotten the new 2013 model yet. But I was very impressed with the ball. At first I was scared of the spin after have a few approaches suck back off the green. I think it was more due to the soft conditions and slope of the green. Once I had a feel for its spin characteristics it was awesome knowing I'd have that much control especially with the consistent yardages it flew. I didn't find it to be any longer just consistent. I didn't notice the clicky feel until reading these posts.. Thanks guys... Well the 2013 model is supposed to have better feel. So ill keep my fingers crossed.
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