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SuperStroke Slim Grip on a Blade putter (Cleveland Bronze)?

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I tried one of these grips on a demo club at Golf Galaxy this past winter and fell in love with the way it helps reduce wrist movement during the stroke (i assumed this was a big problem in my game).  I purchased a new Cleveland Bronze blade putter (which I also loved) and promptly had a SuperStroke Slim grip put on.   


I have played about 15 rounds with this putter and haven't noticed any real improvment (i might be worse).  Because the Bronze putter has a soft(er) face insert, it seems like the fatter grip eliminates a lot of the feel and feedback I get on putts making it harder to judge distance.  Also, it seems like with a blade putter (inherently lighter than mallet style) the large grip causes it to feel even lighter and less pedulum-like, as the weight feels spread out thru the entire club.  This makes a smooth back-and-forth stroke tougher regarless of the lack of wrist movement.  


This might all just be in my imagination, since I haven't been putting particularly well, but i remember really liking the feel of the Bronze putter in the shop and not getting that same feeling after installing the new grip.  That being said, I never actually played with the new putter b4 installing the new grip (it was winter and this was an xmas gift) so I have nothing to compare it to (the putting i did on the perfectly flat, synthetic surface in the Golf Galaxy hardly qualifies as "real" putting). 


Q1:  Has anyone else had this issue?  Is it just in my head?

Q2:  Is it possible to have a SuperStroke Slim grip removed w/o destroying it (like they did my original cleveland grip)?





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That grip weights 130g, compared to the average stock grip that would weight somewhere around 60g.  So you have more than doubled the butt-end weight of the club, which will have a huge affect on the club's swing weight making the head feel very light.  You could always try adding weight to the head (at least temporarily) to see if the feel comes back.


FWIW, I added a Tiger Shark Ultratac jumbo grip to my Odyssey Rossie putter and the overall feel of the putter changed dramatically for the better.  It's considered a blade putter, but it sure looks like a mallet to me.  It has a fairly heavy head, and I never had good control of this putter.  It felt like I was swinging a long thin pencil.  The grip helped give me a lot of control, and I feel it definitely helps to keep my left wrist flat at all times during the stroke.


I found a pic of that putter on the net, it looks like it says 340g on the head, so I am guessing that is the head weight.  FWIW, my Rossie has a gross weight of 560g.  The shaft is about 100g, and the grip is 110g, so my head weights roughly 340g-350g which is about average, maybe slightly above average looking through some component catalogs. 


There are ways to get a grip off with out destroying it.  Call or ask around to see if anyone knows of a shop that can do it. 

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I see they now make a SuperStroke Slim Lite grip that's the same size as mine, but only 55g.  That would def help the weight distribution issue, but im not sure whether that's the main problem.  I'm concerned that the sheer thickness of the grip reduces the feedback i get on puts, making it difficult to judge distance consistantly.  It might just be that the Cleveland classic 1 bronze putter just doesn't work well with a fat grip...

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I have one of the new cleveland bronze putters (mine is the mallet style) but the feel that i have with the putter is amazing.  I have been considering adding one of the big fat grips to it because i think it would help with stability.  I would go back to GG to talk with one of them, they have always been helpful with i got something that didn't work as i expected.


Love the Celveland putter though!

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I agree totally on the putter... one of the best i've ever played with (and it was $80!).  I'm not sure how differenlty the fat grip will work on the mallet style, but I would certainly recommend the SuperStroke Slim Lite (55g) over just the Slim... the weight distribution is a real issue with a 130g grip.  


I honestly suggest that if you love the feel of the putter as it is now, don't switch to one of these fat grips, unless you are able to test them out legitimatly b4 buying.  I really liked the feeling of the face insert on the Cleve Bronze prior to the fat grip and now b/c of the thickness of it, I don't get that great feel anymore.    

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I did the EXACT SAME THING! Cleveland BRZ blade putter (I think it's the 2).  LOVED it in the store at 35".  Bought it, put a FATSO grip on it, and HATED it!  Lost all distance control. I later realized that the one I bought was 34", NOT the 35" that I loved in the store the first time. Apparently that makes a difference with the swing weight as well.  So before I had a chance to buy a new putter, I was messing around and started reverse gripping my putter with left hand low, right hand high.  I started draining putts all over the place from many distances.  It has been so drastic,  I haven't ever changed my putter, just the way I use it.  I still think about a new putter with a standard grip, but I'm so used to it now that all the skinny grips feel terrible and my distance control today is the best it's ever been.  All my buddies just laugh because they saw my BIG misses before, and now they just can't believe it. Give it a shot if your swing weight has changed drastically, it should balance things out. The other benefit to the reverse grip is it takes that nasty wrist break out of your follow through.  

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agree with all of the above.  i've played a bunch of superstroke or other fat grips.  Because of their weight (i've not used the ultralight ones), the feel can definitely change--and i'd imagine on a lighter blade putter than a big mallet it would be even more noticeable.  However, it's nothing that some lead tape doesn't fix.

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I just put a Winn Lite jumbo on my fastback. I love it, but never had the swing weight issues listed here, as this grip has the same weight as the factory grip.

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